Eat This Now: Murgh Vindaloo at Mughlai Restaurant in Dallas

Dinner tonight for sure.

This Indian restaurant, owned by Sonia and Javeed Khan, specializes in the cuisine of Northern India and includes traditional and modern preparations of hearty dishes from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Goa. If you are a fearful fan of Indian food, you will find familiar items such as chicken tikka masala and saag paneer. If you are an intrepid eater, gather a group of like-minded gourmets. There are so many culinary adventures on the menu—curries, kebabs, biryanis—that you’ll want to try them all. There are four spice levels: mild, medium, spicy, and Indian spicy. “Don’t order Indian spicy,” our waitress said. “It will blow your head off.” Heeding her warning, we stuck to spicy and were glad we did. Our group of three ordered six items and did not have one bad bite of food. The Murgh Malai Kebab appetizer was Indian fajitas. Cubes of chicken marinated overnight in yogurt are grilled and served on a cast-iron platter sizzling with onions and green peppers. The chicken was so tender that it really did melt in our mouths. Other standouts included Roghan Josh (chunks of lamb in traditional brown onion gravy spiced with coriander, turmeric, tomato sauce, and red pepper) and Keema Mutter, a dish recommended by owner Javeed Khan. “It is a spicy minced lamb with peas that most Americans don’t eat. Indians love the activity of their taste buds.” Well, I know three Americans who feel the same way and will go back for more.



  • TheBradsBlog

    OK, and I am a fan of this place and this dish.

  • twinwillow t

    We love Mughlai. Arguably, the very best Indian food in Dallas. Others may have their own favorites but, Mughlai is ours. Their fantastic Sunday buffet cannot be beat.

  • twinwillow

    We love Mughlai. It’s our favorite Indian restaurant in Dallas. They’re serving what is probably, the best Indian food in Dallas. And their Sunday brunch buffet is incomparable!

  • Werewolf of Frisco

    Agree 100%. Mughlai is our go-to Indian restaurant in Dallas. Great food, great service, and a nice space. When someone says that they’ve never tried Indian, we take them to Mughlai.

  • Maria Whiteside Mejia

    I love that place since they open. Great buffet too for lunch.