Sorry, Eater Dallas, Bailey’s in Fairview Isn’t Closed. It’s Still Open.

An article on Eater Dallas says that Bailey’s in Fairview is closed, but I just called the restaurant two seconds ago and I can assure everyone that it is very, very open today, just like it normally is. Eater editor Whitney Filloon reported today:

Word on the street is that Bailey’s Prime Plus in Fairview closed over the weekend. Calls to the steakhouse reach a recording stating that they were closed for Labor Day on Monday but would reopen yesterday at 4 p.m. (That didn’t happen.)

The voice on the other end of the Bailey’s line, Sarah, says that Bailey’s did reopen yesterday and doesn’t have a clue why people would say the restaurant is closed when it isn’t. Hm. I sniff a conspiracy.


  • Whitney Filloon

    Sorry, Bailey’s! I got the info from a very reliable source, but I suppose the Labor Day closing just created some confusion. thanks for posting, Carol.

  • Act of Random Blogstility?

    Kind of a needlessly snarky post …

  • News: a blogger, working alone, makes a small error in timing and the post turns out to be true anyway.

  • FW Food Girl

    Carol’s posts are usually needlessly snarky. And funny how the story turned out to be true.

  • bluebird

    Whitney Filloon: very classy response

  • humble host

    This company has a reputation now for telling employees at the end of their shift that they won’t be open the next business day. If you really think the forethought would go into a prerecorded message explaining the closure to guests that is laughable….when the day comes they will give little warning to the employees and the phone won’t ring. Bills have to be paid in a timely manner, right?

  • nota step

    p.s.). Yes, they are now.

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