Mercantile Coffeehouse Closing Tomorrow

Say it ain't so.

Back in October, our fearless coffee connoisseur Todd Johnson named Mercantile Coffeehouse as having the third best cup of coffee in town. I was in the local coffeehouse this morning when I found out it’s closing. Tomorrow. At noon. I’m very sad to see this local shop going. But I did find that its hours weren’t the most conducive to downtown residents. Most nights, the shop closed down by 6. It was always closed on holidays, a time when most downtown residents are home and looking for some good coffee. I do hope that another coffee shop will come in. I think it can work there.

If you want to say goodbye, you have just a day left. Grab one of the best cups of coffee Dallas has to offer before it’s gone. You can’t get the orange ginger muffin, though. I took the last one.


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  • Marcus

    Sign says last day is the 15th, so you have at least one more day to get by.

  • Thanks for pointing that out, Marcus. I thought today was the 15th.

  • A small set back for Downtown Dallas! So sorry to hear this news. 🙁

  • Mark

    I hate to see businesses close in downtown, but this one sure seemed it was working hard to fail. I went there often when they opened, but the eractic hours, the complete lack on consistency and no apparent effort to understand or grow their neighborhood client base soured me pretty quickly. It is a good space and would be perfect for a Peal Cup or even a SBs. I think solid coffee and a small amopunt of reworking would make this location very successful. However, the first step would be to understand when people (other than the lunch crowd) are in the the city. I foudn with MCH that just about everytime I was looking for coffee, they were closed.

  • Felicia

    That is a huge factor downtown. A lot of businesses cater only to the work day lunch crowd & forget there is a community that lives down here & need to eat/drink after 5pm & on the weekends. We would much rather give our $$ to an establishment downtown that we can walk to than have to get back in our car (many floors/elevators in the parking garage) after we’ve gotten home & drive elsewhere.

  • Jamie

    I couldn’t agree with Felicia more. It is so frustrating! I feel like unless I’m off during my regular work hours, my options are to be hungry or leave downtown. It’s great that there are bars open late, but it would be even more amazing to have other options for spending an evening downtown. I actually went to this coffee place for the first (and apparently last time) yesterday, and was completely put off by the lack of options available (pastry case entirely empty/only one iced tea option available although the menu lists at least 4), although I suppose this explains it.

  • Robert

    Really people? So if this is so true explain what happen to the other businesses that were DownTown and failed? I work DownTown and the issue is there is not enough resident support. This place changed its ours in order to drive people inside. They were open till 11pm when they started. I went by a lot and I saw no one out nor filling this place. So of course if you understood business how costly do you think it got to stay open and not make money? Obviously neither of you understand business and are only speaking from one point of view. DownTown residents do not support the local businesses down there. I’ve spoken with several stores down there and they all tell me this same thing. It just sounds good to point the finger and say its the businesses when it’s us as a whole. I myself stay out the tunnels down there so I can support good local business and this place was awesome. Read their reviews on this sight heck they agreed. You guys are all missing the point. And oh sure we need another SB in this city.

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  • MercResident

    Sad news, but this business worked hard to close. It was run so poorly. 1 – It closed early, and was closed all day on Sunday. Walk into a Starbucks at 8pm on a weekday or anytime on a Sunday and it’s packed. They’ve figured out how to make it work. Avoiding (by closing) your top customers (customers who come in and stay long) had a ripple impact on the brand awareness. 2 – staff was trained poorly. I can’t tell you how many times I asked for some frozen yogurt with blueberries on it and the staff told me no. Even after saying, “charge me whatever you want! I just want some blueberries on my yogurt,” the staff still said no. They said they couldn’t do it. I was staring at a cup of yogurt, and a pile of fresh blueberries, and the staff told me they couldn’t mix the two = foolish. 3. Poor advertising. As a resident of the Merc, I never saw any advertisements for the coffee shop. How about an advertisement for frozen yogurt after dinner! “Eat at Portia de Roma and walk to Merc Coffee for FroYo after dinner!”??? Or a frequent buyers card – buy 7 yogurts, get the 8th free (build customer habits). Or ‘Downtown residents appreciation day’ – free coffee on Sundays (to build brand recognition). Nothing. I’m sad to see it go, but inadequate management shouldn’t be rewarded anyway.

  • merc resident

    $5 tiny yogurt cups. C’mon

  • DownTown Worker

    Last time I checked every Starbucks Downtown is closed by 5pm. So I’m wondering which one you are at? It sounds as though yo are bitter about this blueberry issue. The yogurt company there is great. Their all over California. I will say it’s very complicated to order the yogurt because it’s very different from the normal places you go to like Pinkberry, but just because I don’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s bad It just means I dont understand the process and when I didn’t they helped me. I read your other ideas and you sound insane. Why would someone give away Intelligentsia Coffee? Have you ever heard of this company? There coffee is awesome and very expensive online and you want them to give it away. The place is closed and I’m sorry to see it go, but to use this a personal vent session is a bit lame. Half of what I read seems overly exaggerated and made up. I’ve been there quite a bit and never seen anyone leaving upset nor have I been treated poorly

  • the owner

    For over a year we opened 6:30 to 10 PM , opened every weekend and every holiday. there were very few people coming in in the evenings, weekends and holidays. People downtown Dallas do not come out if it’s a holiday, if it rains, if it snows, if it is too hot o too cold and anything in between. People were just not interested in having a coffeehouse in this location. The comments here regarding the inconvenience of the hours are preposterous. There ware simply too few customers interested in what we had to offer. i tried for 2 years to offer quality product at the lowest price possible. I am sorry we failed, but it is not for lack of trying and it is not for inconvenient hours.

  • the owner

    Also to the merc resident: we started closing Sunday only the last 2 months. We advertised heavily the first year and offered discount cards to all residents and businesses around- it also did not help. i stopped doing this when I noticed that there was no impact. I do believe you that you wanted to come in on Sunday. There were just too few people like you.

  • Chips

    I made 4 visits to that place, a stale pastry, an old sandwich, a 6 minute and a 9 minute waits for coffee (no joke). As a resident of the merc, I mentioned it to the management. They told me an out of state Dr. owned it…Not surprisingly their response was as long as he pays the rent, we don’t care.

  • Wilson Resident

    Hi I’m a Wilson resident and I go there daily and I’ve been a customer there since they opened in 2010. I talk to the manager Darius all the time and I’ve never seen nor heard that story. I’ve always been told that it was owned by a Doctor who lives in the DFW area. They haven’t had sandwiches in over a year, so I guess that was your last visit. The GM works all day long seems like from open to close most days, so who’s this management? It’s only 2 ppl working here and it’s been that way since the beginning of 2012. Some of the comments on here are just ridiculous and mean spirited. This shop was awesome and I know plenty of residents who loved it. I hate they decided to close. And if you looked at the comments above us you would see the owner has replied. I wasn’t going to leave a comment but enough is enough. Some of us real coffee lovers know pour overs don’t get done in 3 seconds. It’s a process great coffee takes time. If you want speed over quality go to Charbucks. This place had the best coffee in Dallas. I’m from Chicago and Intelligentsia is the best. I’m sorry you dont understand great coffee and how it should be made, but I for one will miss this place and the team that ran it.

  • the owner

    This was supposed to be a place for coffee lovers, not for people that want a fast cup of caffeinated drink.
    Despite the D magazine that rated us no 3, the coffee we sold was no 1 by far…If you buy intelligentsia coffee and make it at home as a pour over according to their specification you will see how expensive it is and how long it takes to make it. The sandwiches were the best brand I found in Dallas and we sold them w/o making any money just to attract more people in. We stopped doing it when it became clear it did not help. I also brought a few times other excellent highly rated coffees and had agreements with he best roasting houses in the country. The downtown population did not want a coffee house in this location, period.

  • Element Resident

    I’m baffled by the owners responses here. Your missing the big picture, rather then making excuses, why dont you accept some direct customer feedback. If you cant accept that, its the very reason people would walk across the street to pick up a Starbucks rather them coming into the Mer. Coffee House.

    Here are the issues:

    Operations Hours – Inconsistant (were not a lab experiment, I had friends that would come in town and I would say ya who knows of its open. Regardless of how you make sense of the hours, the changing of hours in its self drove customers like me away.

    Rude employees. No passion or personality rude, entitled. If people are going local, they want a local touch, no such thing here.

    Rather then selling traditional espresso / coffee you only served Intelligensia. The lack of options hurt you because for people that haven’t had it they wont know Intelligensia is bitter and acidic. It will be the last time they come in.

    Frozen yogurt is a big flop, and its not because people dont want to walk outside on a hot day (ridiculous) its because its not fresh! People expect fresh choices as you would have at a Pink Berry, not frozen packs of fruit.

    The food that was provided (muffins, cookies etc) where always stale and over priced, and limited in selection. I once asked the manager why they dont provide more of a selection, and or sandwichs etc. In a condescending tone he said were not a Starbucks we can’t afford to put up fresh product every day, it cost to much. Last time I checked Starbucks was doing pretty damn good selling fresh muffins and sandwichs.

    The coffee was overpriced.

    While the decor of the place was nice, who ever designed it didn’t account for acoustics so it was incredible loud, not a good place to have a business meeting, unless you want to go into the glass room…which then prompts the question,.why dont we take this back to my conference room.

    No outside seating, now this could have been a city thing, if not epic failure to not know that setting up a nice outdoor environment alone would bring people in…hey at least then people would know your open ;o)

    Hope your a better Doctor, excuses aside thats why your business failed, you and your rude employees failed to listen.

  • Mercantile Resident

    Clearly this ass above me did not frequent the coffee house since 2010. One, they had outside seating and have had it since I’ve been going since 2011. Two, Starbucks pastries come in frozen -my brother works there. Three, you mention local coffee, but said you rather go to Starbucks. Since when is Seattle a local roaster ass? Four, I watch them get a pastry delivery every morning as I walk my dog at 5am. Your ignorant attempt to try to offer any feed back to this business is pure BS. I don’t think you have been there since the opened and you offer criticism. Do some research on Intelligentsia Coffee or coffee period before you say things like Traditional Espresso. WTH are you talking about. How many options do Starbucks carry? Try one type. All the coffee comes from them there are not different brands there. And news flash how many tenants you see out in 104 weather? It’s so empty Down here in the day time it’s a shame. Reason why? There is nothing down here!!! I have to drive outside down town to buy anything. This was the one place who had awesome coffee and a nice friendly staff who didnt have their head up their ass. Sorry I can’t say the same for you. I don’t know ther owner but from what I saw with my own eyes seems to align with what he is saying.

  • 1900 Elm resident

    This was a great place. We will miss it.

  • Deep El resident

    I loved this place& it will be missed