Mercantile Coffeehouse Closing Tomorrow

Say it ain't so.

Back in October, our fearless coffee connoisseur Todd Johnson named Mercantile Coffeehouse as having the third best cup of coffee in town. I was in the local coffeehouse this morning when I found out it’s closing. Tomorrow. At noon. I’m very sad to see this local shop going. But I did find that its hours weren’t the most conducive to downtown residents. Most nights, the shop closed down by 6. It was always closed on holidays, a time when most downtown residents are home and looking for some good coffee. I do hope that another coffee shop will come in. I think it can work there.

If you want to say goodbye, you have just a day left. Grab one of the best cups of coffee Dallas has to offer before it’s gone. You can’t get the orange ginger muffin, though. I took the last one.