Oh Boy, Edible Ash is Turning into a Culinary Trend

Ashes via thecigarsmokingman.com

We live in a strange world with strange food fads. First, there was edible dirt, which birthed out of Copenhagen’s Noma. Then, in 2011, London had its own scary bout of breast milk ice cream called “Baby Gaga” that sold for $22 a scoop. According to a WSJ article that came out yesterday, now that it’s the height of barbecue season, some chefs are getting all kinds of crazy with edible ash made from hay and several kinds of burned vegetables.

Boston chef Frank McClelland, for instance, coats his food in ash and “sees potential for vegetable ash as a kind of breakfast spread—a wake-up call that could work better than jelly atop a buttered English muffin. ‘You need a little caveman in the morning,’ he says.”

Ashes on top of English muffins and bagels?? I’d rather eat my jelly and cream cheese. Ashes belong at the bottom of barbecue grills and in David Bowie songs.