Worst Hangover Ever?

High Tide Cocktail at The Chesterfield. (Photography by Elizabeth Lavin)

I was talking with a friend of mine who recently spent an evening sampling cocktails at The Chesterfield. She was in a group of four gals and they decided to try one too many. Knowing her, it was more like four too many, but here is her dilemma.

“I don’t know if it is a factor of age [she’s 55!] or the fact that I ingested rum, vodka, gin, bourbon combined with various liqueurs, bitters, flowers, juices, and twists, but I couldn’t get out of bed the next day. I swear all totaled I had maybe 3 drinks. The mixologist deal is out of my league I guess. Do you pick one and stay with it or switch. Am I just too old for this trend?

I say pick one and stick with it and stick to one. But this subject brings up the obvious, time-wasting question: What alcohol combination resulted in the worst hangover of your life? Mine? Tequila Sunrise: the movie and the drink. Twenty years later I still shudder at the sound.


  • Food Girl

    NOLA…Hurricanes, Hand Grenades, Jello Shots and Coors Light. I’m still hungover.

  • acrow

    Beer, tequila and menthols

  • Margaret

    White Wine, Vodka, Pool- Vegas. That is all I need to say about that….

  • Amy S

    Southern Comfort on the day I became legal. Am lucky to be alive.

  • TLS

    Beer, chocolate cake and inexperience.

  • Bobby Ewing

    The Evening: a wedding shower in Preston Hollow featuring watermelon spiked with vodka, followed by keg stands, followed by margarita(s) at Javier’s, followed by gawd-awful shots of something with gold flecks somewhere in Uptown, followed by rounds of champagne toasts at some luxury hotel that was possibly The Crescent.
    The Age: I was 30
    The Result: the following morning I felt like I was 90 and in the final throes of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever. I was in darkness for at least a day while whimpering for camphorated opium and an IV drip.

  • twinwillow

    12 years old at a New Year’s Eve party. Someone “spiked” the punch.

  • Mine was probably more like alcohol poisoning due to having no idea as a 17-year-old idiot what constituted a single drink, when a buddy and I raided his grandma’s otherwise unused liquor cabinet. We figured it was a good way to salute his late grandfather, since his grandma didn’t drink. The problem was, we were filling iced-tea glasses full of gin and tonic. I blacked out after we decided huffing some inhalants would make a great dessert. I was puking the rest of the day and didn’t feel right till a couple days later. To this day I can’t drink gin.

  • Gentleman Farmer

    Southern Comfort, age 14. The smell of it makes me gag.

  • Golfnfashion

    My father pouring Frixinet (spelled as it should be pronounced since its cheap crap) down my throat at every chance he got. I was 15 at my sisters wedding. My mom has a pic of me on her nightstand in a drunken haze taken just before I lost my first wave of ingested food. The thought of champagne made me ill for the next few years.

  • Makers Mark and Coke, Corona, multiple tequila shots, a mechanical bull. In that order. The morning after story is actually better, but best told over drinks.

  • Bruce

    I shared a bottle of Sambuca with my new next door neighbor 20 years ago. We were old enough to know better but too stupid to stop. To this day, I gag when I smell it.

  • Nealy

    McCormick’s Lime vodka and Sprite. I was going to a frat formal in college with a friend and (that was a horrible decision on my part that I still regret to this day) I spiked my pre-drink with a little too much vodka. By the time we got to the formal, I was blacked out, falling all over the floor in my nice dress, and I don’t remember anything until waking up the next day. And the next day was a gorgeous spring day, but, instead, I was curled up in a ball in my bed not wanting to move. WORST. HANGOVER. EVER.

  • Taylor

    Crown Royal….A&M….the rest still makes me ill! I can’t even look at a bottle of crown without my stomach turning and what I remember of that night/next day comes flooding back…and it’s not good!

  • gm

    So many from which to choose: Tuesday night’s cheap margaritas at Primo’s have resulted in a few weary Wednesdays. A multi-course lunch at York St w/ friends who sell wine (& have iron livers) did me in one holiday season. The best night/worst hangover might have been in New Orleans for a Saints/Cowboys game. Cheap hospitality room wine, some nasty blue concoction @ Pat O’s followed by a few Bombay Club martinis. It got hazy after that. The next day resulted in spending most of the game hunched over a press box bathroom toilet.

  • Droopydave

    New Orleans. Hurricanes at Pat O’Briens + God only knows what else. The sun was coming up when I made it back to the hotel. Couldn’t get up the next day. Learned my lesson about sugar + alcohol.

  • KG

    More than one to choose from: shots of some bottom of the barrell whiskey combined with frozen margaritas, I still can’t smell whiskey without gagging. Another was a trip with my parents to Montana and my step-father and I drank wine in a little hotel bar until I was on the floor – the rest of the night was spent puking in my hotel bed, the bathroom and then trying to get my head out the window of the child-safety windows in the backseat of the car the following day driving thru Yellowstone. The thought still wants to make me curl up in a ball!

  • Baited N. Switched

    3 bottles of Boone’s Farm to chase down several shots of Jack Daniels Green Label (which I have not seen in some time), followed by a fast walk/ jog from Lowest Greenville to The Village on a dog hot summer night.

    Felt very crappy when I woke up the next day.

  • TDL

    vodka martinis and sake bombs at Deep Sushi. One of those kinds of nights where they shut down the restaurant, closed the window shades and we drank with the bartender and manager until the wee hours. Haven’t had sake since.

  • pedro527

    August, 1973, before returning to college for the fall…pitchers and pitchers of vodka collins…completely missed the driveway at my parents’ house and parked on the front lawn…this was pre-MADD, you know…

  • dallasboiler

    Wine (red, white, or sparkling) has to be the worst hangover. All hangovers are bad, but the worst of the worst that I’ve had have been the result of massive wine consumption.

  • Paul

    Back in the age when 18 was the legal drinking age – One of my first forays into the bar scene was the old Austin Rocks. Had a great tasting drink called a Kamikaze (sp). Thankfully – I remember very little of the next day! Haven’t had one since!

  • Tanya

    Last weekend was without a doubt the worst drinking experience of my life. I’m too old to act like I’m in college. I had a friend in town who I found out too late had no interest in seeing anything in Dallas other than the bars. I had to “dig” up old friends who I knew were boozers to keep up with him. From last Thurs – Sunday afternoon, it was non-stop. I think he must have had (50) drinks in a 4 day window, I had 4. I still have a hangover, but it’s more out of allowing myself to tolerate his behavior than drinking. God, people are disappointing…lol

  • Paul

    Drinking pints in a London pub during college days, followed by scotch and then someone’s bottle of Southern Comfort (horrible) when the pubs closed at eleven and that’s all we could find. Grim train ride early the next morning to the suburbs for brunch with parents’ English friends. On arrival, “oh, you must have a drink. No, I’m good. Please, you must. Okay, gin & tonic?” I was served a giant glass of gin and tonic, no ice, at 10 in the morning. Those were the days.

  • Absinthe shots. Absinthe lounge in Nola. 5 days ago.

  • Eagles

    A bottle of cheap Pingo Grigio, beer, chocolate martinis, champagne, vodka, hard cider…. Not good, three day hangover and the bruises to prove it!