Chef Katie Natale Leaves Café on the Green at The Four Seasons Las Colinas

Chicken Natale to become Chicken Bombaci? Photography by Kevin Marple.

Cathy Barber has the news:  Chef Katie Natale has left Cafe on the Green to teach at Le Cordon Bleu in Dallas. That’s a shame, she has done a great job at Café on the Green. Hmm. This makes for an interesting opportunity for one talented Dallas chef. Perhaps former Nana chef Anthony Bombaci should check it out. How lovely would his cooking pair with James Tidwell’s wine list. I’m just saying.


  • Cassi

    Well she must be desperate because that Le Cordon Bleu job had been open on and off for a year, once filled by a former chef who I can picture but can’t name… Help me here- he is a stocky strawberry blond who was the sous chef for Doug Brown, maybe at The Melrose, who had the Cordon Bleu job for like…2 months …and bailed? Anyway, I’m thinking the EC job at the cafe wasn’t that great an and neither is the Cordon Bleu post anf they couldn’t hold Anthony’s dirty jockey strap IMHO, IJS….

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