Tonight is Industry Night, Celebrity Chef Pizzaiolo at Cane Rosso

Monday nights, from 6–10pPM, Cane Rosso will host a Celebrity Chef Pizzaiolo who will make a special pie to sell for $16. So far the completion is scheduled through Dec. 19.  The celebrity pizzaiolo who sells the most pies on their night will win the coveted Cane Rosso Golden Peel and Trophy. Portion of the proceeds from the pie benefit Deep Ellum Urban Gardens. Food and drink specials for industry staff.

Schedule thus far (with more to be announced)….

11/7 – Brian Luscher from the Grape

11/14 – Chad Houser and Janice Provost from Parigi

11/21 – Randall Copeland from Restaurant Ava and soon to open, Left Bank

11/28 – Jack Perkins from Maple & Motor

12/5 – John Tesar from The Commissary

12/12 – Dean Fearing from Fearing’s

12/19 – Daniel Vaughn from Full Custom Gospel BBQ

12/20- Nancy Nichols and Leslie Brenner


I made the last one up but wouldn’t that be awesome!


  • Cute, Nancy. Very cute.

  • mike

    HAH! thats funny.. That would actually be a really fun event..

  • Nancy – Publishing that constitutes a binding agreement. See you on 12/20!

  • Scott–DFW

    Cat fur doesn’t sound appetizing on a pizza.

  • gunnertec

    Daniel Vaughn? He’s a celebrity chef? confused…is he going to import brisket from Franklins or something?

  • Point – Counter Point

    Nancy: Leslie, you washed up hack.

    Leslie: Nancy, you ignorant, pay-for-play sl*t.

  • Nancy – I nearly spat out my tea! lol

  • TLS

    I was just about to cancel all 12/20 events just to be there. Me sad now.

  • Twinwillow

    Sad? Damn! My imagination ran rampant when I read NN and LB were going to make pizza together. Then like TLS, I became morbidly crushed in a matter of seconds!

    Oh well, I guess I just have to satisfy myself with Jack Perkins. I’m putting that night on my calender.

  • gunnertec – No I haven’t changed jobs, and I didn’t become a celebrity chef. Jay just asked if I wanted to play along. It sounded fun, so I said yes. Not sure yet if brisket will make an appearance, but if it’s from Franklin then I’d probably finish it before it made it on the pizza.

  • Dr. Freud

    Hmmm. I heard that Dallas Dude Doyle invited himself, but then backed out when he was told he couldn’t use bullshit as a topping.