First Look: Stackhouse Burgers

The chicken club, with avocado, tomato, bacon, sprouts, and aoli.

Zac Crain and I almost got into a fistfight today at lunch, but that wasn’t because we ate at Stackhouse Burgers. The new joint is on Gaston, just down the street from the Elbow Room and Baylor Hospital. A homebuilder named Randy Kienast co-owns the restaurant, which is in a renovated house that was built in 1925. Kienast did the renovation, and he did it well. The place has a good vibe.

Zac is a vegetarian, which is one reason he’s probably so filled with anger and bile. He ordered the veggie burger ($6.95), which was of the bean variety. Despite his distemper, he said he liked it. Me, I got the Cuban (Canadian bacon, ham, Swiss, thinly sliced pickle, mustard, $8.95). I thought the sandwich was delicious, if a bit pricey. The thick-cut fries ($2) were a welcome complement.

The three ladies who made up the rest of our lunch party went with the chicken club ($7.95) and hamburgers (either a single 6-ounce patty, $5.95, or two patties, $8.95). Here’s where we ran into some trouble. The griddled brioche-style buns were delicious, but they were also very absorbent and fell victim to sandwich sog. Each of those three sandwiches became unwieldy midway through the meal and had to be finished with fork and knife. One of the ladies remarked, “Ooh, I’m getting all messy.” To which I responded: “Yeah, you are, you little sandwich eater. I bet you like that. Go ahead. Wipe your mouth.” Zac lifted his gaze from a Words With Friends match just long enough to glare at me.

Another quibble: you order your burger either “pink” or “done.” Both ladies ordered their burgers pink, yet they were done. That said, they got finished. And the order of house-made potato chips ($2.75) we shared was awesome. So light, so thin, so perfectly salty-crispy. Don’t go without trying them.

And you should go. Just blocks away, some of the most august burger joints in town do their business (Adair’s, Twisted Root, Angry Dog). Yet here comes Stackhouse Burgers, a brave restaurant that deserves your lunch business. Especially if the weather is nice and you can get a seat on the second-floor balcony. Just be prepared to get messy, and, if you bring Zac, be prepared to take a punch. That’s all I’m saying.

2917 Gaston Ave., 214-828-1330. Or go here. Mon-Thur & Sun: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Fri, Sat: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The Cuban, with Canadian bacon, ham, Swiss, pickle, and mustard. This went in my mouth.
The Cuban with Canadian bacon, ham, Swiss, pickle, and mustard. This went in my mouth.
A single with cheese and a side of sweet potato fries.
Are these the best potato chips in Dallas?
Are these the best chips in Dallas?
Order here.
Sit here ...
... or here ...
... or, especially if the weather is nice, here.


  • Marcus

    When Tim was walking out I heard him yell back to the kitchen “Call me, no seriously we need to go out.” Kind off odd at the time, but then I saw him do the same thing at Good Friend the other day too.

  • tina

    The fella and I went opening day for lunch. We consider ourselves burger people and this was a must-try. We judge restaurants based on the entire meal burger/fries and we left satisfied but we too, looked at one another and said our bottom bun is way too soggy- if there is one thing I hate, it’s mushy bread! The sweet potatos were delicious though and we even tried the Milk Shakes and they were YUM YUM YUM they even had the cherry on top – I give this place an A- but an A+ if they fix the soggy bun issue.

  • Cant wait to go out and try this place. A place you should try is Burger Island on Forest Ln and Webb Chappell. Half pound burger all for around $6 or 1 pound burgers. Must try the Bacon cheese fries.

  • The lettuce in the “single with cheese” photo looks like a folded napkin. Or maybe it is a napkin?

  • me

    The bread is Divine. The patio is Excellent. The staff is Friendly. The beer selection is small & Perfect. And it’s near Two Sisters. Why go to lunch in any other neighborhood?

  • What’s that dipping sauce for the chips?

  • Tim Rogers

    @Margie: It’s a sour cream onion dip made in house. And it’s good in your mouth.

  • Sandy

    I went there for lunch with a group on Tuesday and ordered the veggie burger. It was ok but nothing special. The onion rings were not very good.

  • Will

    Went yesterday, and wasn’t impressed. How many burger avg burger places can Dallas have? The sandwiches look good, but once we dug in, they crumbled and way too greasy. Sorry, but I can get an avg burger or Sammy in about 25 diff spots near downtown.