Manuel’s Creative Cuisine and Winston’s Supper Club to Open at the Centrum

Manuel’s Creative Cuisine, a new upscale Mexican restaurant centered on local organic ingredients, will open soon in the old Bengal Tiger Coast space at The Centrum. The restaurant is the work of Manuel and Virny Arredondo. They have two locations in Mexico.

Winston’s Supper Club is opening in the old Star Canyon space at the Centrum. According to a posting on Craig’s List, Winston’s is “a new concept, Euro-style lounge with the best dj’s, sound, and food.” They are hiring “Performers/Talent/Dancers (think pussy cat dolls, also live models).” Oh, and bartenders, porters, and bookkeepers.


  • joeat

    I really, really hate to hear this. These are two DEAD locations and it sounds like lots of very expensive installations. Good luck, but do not count on success. Probably will not happen. Did you do any market research at all to determine all that have failed?

    You are going to be different? I doubt it.

  • Darren

    Then how come Steel has survived all this time?

  • JI

    Who is Winston?

  • Van

    Think of him as the unholy spawn of Guy Fieri and Steven Seagal.

  • Scarpettafan214

    “…think pussy cat dolls, also live models” Really? In the Gayboorhood? I second joeat. It will never last.

  • joeat

    Steel has survived – barely. Talk to the original owner – or the current struggling owner. A bad, dieing location is just that. Why add misery to death?

  • Scott–DFW

    Tough location, but that Manuel’s Creative Cuisine looks very interesting.

  • Drew

    Did you mean Bengal Coast?

  • Um, Drew, yes I did. thanks!

  • I like women and i like food…but rarely does a place showcasing both have a high quality of either.

  • PF

    What was the saga that closed Star Canyon? I don’t remember that drama. . .

  • Boobs

    A supper club with porters? What does that mean? They carry your drinks to your couch where you spend bucko dinero on bottle service no way Gaytown is sucking on that.

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  • james

    The Centrum has been a tough spot for restaurants for years. He’s taking a huge risk with this location. Good luck Manuel.

  • Rich

    Who knows? Sometime it just takes a critical mass of good venues to get a location going. Maybe this combo will jumpstart the Centrum.