Anthony Bourdain in Dallas on Thursday: No Reservations Offers No Media Access

Several months ago, I received a press release announcing the date and details for Anthony Bourdain’s show at the Majestic Theater. I posted the information on SideDish and we included the event the October D Magazine events listings.

In the middle of September, I received an email from one of the PR peeps handling Bourdain’s tour. She asked:

We are putting together press requests for Anthony today to see what he has time for scheduling wise. Would you be interested in a possible interview leading up to the show? If so, what would be your deadline for the interview in order for it to run before the show? Of course, the more coverage we receive from any one particular outlet will be given priority.

I said sure. She asked if the interview would be in the November issue and I said no we are a monthly magazine and that issue has already gone to the printers. I’d be happy to post it on the blog.

Gmail silence.

My humble offerings were not good enough. No interview. Today same PR peep says no media/photography access to the event. So, Tony. Have a nice show. I’m sorry we can’t cover it. If anyone out there would like to buy the excellent tickets I bought for the show, shoot me an email. I’m taking reservations.

UPPITY DATE: Readers says Scott Reitz at Observer posted interview this morning. Fully expected as they are media sponsor of event.

UPPITY DATE: Just received a note from Bourdain. He apologized for the confusion and invited me to be a special guest on his show. Tony and I will perform a medley of John Denver tunes. Need tickets? Email me.

UPPITY DATE: Anthony Bourdain sent me a note saying he doesn’t employ handlers or PR people. He has no involvement in how local promoters deal with media credentials.


  • sugaree 8

    Wow…I should return his new book I bought.

  • yvonne crum

    I personally think you are lucky.. he is an overbloated ego with people surrounding him with same or worse EGOS… ! consider yourself lucky and lets give our great dallas Chef’s more and coverage.. they give to the community.. i.e. Dean Fearing.. give him a cover every other month and i’ll be happy..!

  • yvonne crum

    I would like to add on the same note as UPPITY update.. that last week I had the pleasure of meeting and interacting… yes interacting with Duff Goldman.. he’s aces in my book… (pun intened) and visited with all 500 or more people at Galleria for Delish.. which Thanks D Magazine for being a media sponsor.. this is a true gentleman that knows how to treat people and not surround himself with people that “think they are more important than they are”

    what a treat.. he is on the level of Dean Fearing in my book.. top notch.

  • Sugaree, sorry if my point was lost. I am saying the people handling the event are limiting media, not Bourdain. You should not only keep the book, you should get tickets and have him sign it.

  • Beda

    Come one Yvonne, give one more plug for Dean Fearing. Don’t stop at just two!

  • Lee

    If Dallas/Ft. Worth actually possessed some culture, I might feel slighted but due to the limitations of the grilled beef cuisine and the local crooked bureaucrats that don’t want to invest in the city, I’m afraid that this city is not even worth the stop. Don’t get me wrong, I love grilled beef, but is that all there is? Let’s try Beef “Bourdainonne.”

  • Bruce

    I am excited to see Anthony on Thursday and purchased VIP tickets to meet him. His company sent the wrong laminate and three different people called, emailed and communicated to me to correct the error. I was impressed by that since the Majestic people aren’t exactly easy to reach.

  • Uppercase Matt

    I’ll be at the VIP reception — but didn’t get my laminate at all. When I got the “we sent you the wrong laminate” email, I replied and it appears that all will be well once I get there.

  • yvonne crum

    @beda… 2 is enough! LOL…hadn’t meant it that way.. but point well taken.Touche`

  • Lee, what are you smoking? Share please. Uppercase Matt, look for the girl with the camera.

  • tinkerbell


    Are your tickets still for sale? Are they V.I.P.? How many? How much? You may email me directly, if you’d like.

  • JJJ

    I love it when it when you kick ass. I attended a presentation you did at a public relations seminar at Four Seasons and I thought you made some good points about how PR people do their jobs (I’m in the business). Some bad eggs in our business make us all look dumb.

  • Jeanie

    So can’t wait to see the show on Thursday!!! Love you Tony!

  • Cap Guy

    He lost me with his last show. His idea of creative has been taken over by his alcohol induced ego. Trying to be way too philosophical. It’s just a travel/food show……

  • Tinkerbell, they are gone sorry. Uppercase Matt, will you drop me an email? [email protected]

  • greg

    TOO MUCH $$$ for this kind of thing!!!

    get a big, big grip, people! not shocked by this not being a sell-out!

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  • I’ve seen him many times. I can assure you he travels alone, no “people” no entourage.

  • Uppercase Matt

    NN — Sent you a note.