Restaurant Review: The Company Cafe in Dallas

The Deep Bowl at Company Cafe. (photography by Kevin Marple.)

Dining out was once so simple. You sat down in a restaurant, ordered whatever sounded good, ate it, and went on with your life. Now you need an advanced degree in epidemiology before you’re qualified to choose an entrée. Every day, we get bombarded with health warnings about food: too much added sugar will kill you if excess salt doesn’t get you first. Menus are loaded with politically charged, often slippery buzzwords: “sustainable,” “organic,” “locally grown,” “free range,” “grass fed,” “genetically modified,” “farm raised.” Go ahead and order red meat, but that cow had best been raised on tall-stem Texas blue grass handpicked by a nun.

Many area producers and restaurateurs have their hearts in the right place, but I can’t help but be suspicious of some who tout ingredients as “organic” or “local.” This is Texas. There is no such thing as a locally grown tomato in January. Organic is even more confusing. If your butterhead lettuce was sprayed with an “organic” pesticide such as a bacterial toxin or pyrethrum or rotenone, can it really be considered organic?

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  • CB

    I, too, was skeptical, but I really loved lunch there last week. The chicken fried steak with mashed sweet potatoes and grilled green beans were crazy good. And I enjoyed the chocolate pomegranite cake, which was gluten and dairy free.

  • CBS

    nice review. Love this place. Just a tad expensive, but again I understand that I am paying for quality ingredients. The omlette is insanely good.

    Only issue with CC…parking is horrible.

  • L

    Company Cafe is perfect for anyone trying to eat healthy. I can attest to the fact that everything on the menu is delicious. Egg White Omelettes are a fave as well as the Gluten-Free Waffle and Cobb Salad sans dressing. The only downfall is the often times seem to be out of things that I want in my eggs. The red-headed waitress is very attentive, and always remembers our order; as we are regulars.

    As far as @CBS saying it is a tad expensive. Really? Where have you been eating? The pricing is no different than say Bread-Winners or State & Allen that have similar things on their menus, but are less healthy and NOT organic or G-F.

  • Jim

    Went Sunday for the first time. Had a great breakfast which took a while to get out…also agree parking inst the best (had to valet for breakfast) and another thing bothered us, my girl friend ordered iced coffee and it was priced as a $4 Latte and she got 1 refill and charged for that as well (didn’t realize this until the bill came) as my 4 cups of regular coffee was only about $2 & hers was $8. I am lost on this one…I know nothing about fancy iced coffee but seemed a little off.

  • Aaron Cave

    I eat here 5-6 times per week for my Breakfast and lunch meetings. They have a great owner and amazing staff with Siobhan, Marcus, and Jeff. I can’t recommend this place enough!

  • Christopher Baccus

    This place has been on my short list for awhile. I cook a lot of gluten-free meals at home and you’d be surprised how it is mostly unnoticeable as there are some great tips as the cooking style has evolved greatly the past 5 years. Sounds like Company Cafe is doing wonderful things to change the concern of dry, boring gluten-free food.

  • Marie

    Yes, if you spray with something natural, like pyrethrum, it is still considered organic. Part of what organic means, or used to mean anyway before the industry and USDA/FDA hijacked the word, was to care for the soil in a way that it would be susutainable. That means no synthetic chemical ingredients that do long term harm to the soil/environment. Most of the natural products used, disapait quickly – unlike thier synthetic copy cats that are designed to last and last, right on into your drinking water sources….