Good Morning Dallas: How About a Double-Double Animal Style! In-N-Out is Open in Dallas

Hello, Dallas! Come and get it!

In-N-Out in Dallas is open for business. 7940 N. Central Expressway.

Jump to meet super-hero, Mr. Carl Van Fleet.

The hardest working man in the burger business, Carl Van Fleet, Vice President of Planning and Development.


  • A. B.
  • Fabulosa!!

    I need a history lesson, Nancy. When in D Magazine’s history have you people featured a cover story solely on one consumer business? My research says, “never.” Second, when in Sidedish’s or Frontburner’s history have you devoted this much space to a consumer business? Maybe AT&T/Apple product launches?

    I’m scratching my head because you are a city magazine, right? And you celebrate (or occasionally deride) all things local, yes?

    So how does a California-based fast food joint get this much attention in your publications? The amount and slant of the coverage is a non-sequitor.

    Yeah, yeah. They are in the newspaper and TV. Not as much as here. Besides, I-n-O has a very slick PR machine as most of us in-the-know, um, know.

  • Robie

    It’s in a Dallas magazine because In-N-Out expanded to Dallas. A move that was exciting to many as evidenced by the lines. Just because you are not interested in it doesn’t mean it isn’t news.

  • Semi-Loyal SideDish-er

    The drive-thru process took 44 minutes (I timed it). The Police told me where I could go, Barney Fife told me where I couldn’t go, a cute young chipper thing took my order with a smile despite the heat (Go Mavs!), and I somehow miraculously ended up behind the car I was behind at the beginning even though we were separated amongst four lanes by officials in white uniforms.

    Closing thoughts: Yum, and I apologize to the kids waiting in line in the family van as I bit into my Double-Double and waved my hand as my thumb touched the tip of my nose.

  • sandy

    Ditto that Robbie. Obviously it is something people want to read about. Every nows station and bog in town had a story. I lOVED the magazine story with the guide to the secret menu. Learned so much. Thanks NN. Don’t pat attention to the doom and glummers.

  • May

    Although it seems like a worthwhile story (singular, not plural), it is very confusing how this business made the cover of this magazine. I agreed that this has never happened in D Magazine. You could not pay for this kind of coverage. Or could you?

  • I will give you the short version of why we devoted coverage to In-N-Out. First of all, INO moving to Dallas was a national story. It was the first time the company built a commissary out of California. The day I announced the move on SideDish, our server went down from people trying to read the story. The original post, now over a year old, is still getting traffic. People are opinionated about their burgers and INO has a dedicated following. If you can tell me a bigger food story to hit Dallas this year, let me know and I will concentrate on that item. It’s news. It’s food. We write about it.

  • Bwana Devil

    Ditto here too, Robie. I just love when people who no nothing tell people who know all, how to do their job.
    If the poster is so “knowledgeable”, maybe they should try starting their own magazine.

  • Bwana Devil

    “Who (know) nothing”.

  • Twinwillow

    Well said, Nancy!

  • Twinwillow

    At Caruth, the line of cars was about a 1/2 mile long this afternoon at 2:30.