• Scagnetti

    Who is #1?

  • announced tomorrow morning

  • Me!

    Let me be the first that no matter who it is they are overrated, overpriced, over-hyped and anyone who goes there is a trendy, tasteless, shallow attention whore who is only there to see and be seen. Unless, it is an obscure out of the way place that my friends and I like to patronize. Which makes it a good choice, but it used to be better.

  • Downtownist

    @Me! FTW.

  • whoops, I mean Thursday am. Me!, you are right. But it was interesting to rate the overrated, overpriced, and over-hyped spots. I learned a lot about trendy, shallow attention whores. They spend a lot of money on steaks!! Tra la. See you at Dunston’s!

  • JT

    @me! Exactly!!!!!!!! And not to be rude but nancy… Come on. PLEASE PLEASE get out of your comfort zone, travel around the country a little bit & educate yourself on what’s really right and going on in the foodie world. You seem so extremely detached and unwilling to cover the most influential chefs out there who are actually doing it right. No more from you please about the “old guard”. Hanna was nasty but at least she knew her stuff. Leslie is brutal too but again at least she knows her stuff as well. They are more educated on what is happening in the foodie world way and above what you are. Do you ever read any national mags about

  • JT

    Sorry accidentally sent before finished. What I’m trying to say is just please do yourself and Dallas a favor and start truly educating yourself and being open to what’s going on in this nation as far as amazing food trends. I’m not and have absolutely no affiliation as an owner or ANYTHING like that in the restaurant business. I am just a foodie who has stopped being interested or looking forward to what you write about. I think you are an awesome journalist. I just think you are way out of touch and have so much room to grow. We’ve changed so much the last few years in this town & I think you owe it to us to also evolve.