Eat This Now: Cuban Pork Shoulder Street Tacos from Neighborhood Services Tavern in Dallas

Pork shoulder tacos at Neighborhood Services Tavern.

Report filed by contributor Dan Walker.

One of the things I love most about living in Dallas is that we are undeniably a city full of taco-holics. There is no shame in it, my friends. I count myself as one and don’t plan on kicking the habit any time soon. I realized the situation was critical when I—purposely– left a greasy Styrofoam container of leftover tacos in my car for three days so it would smell like barbacoa.  Hey, it beats that fake pine tree scent any day.

Today I share one of my latest and greatest taco discoveries. You won’t find these tacos at any gas station, rather they await you within the welcoming walls of Neighborhood Services Tavern. Recently, the brainpower behind the menu at NST rolled out some new items, one of which is the wonderful Cuban pork shoulder street tacos.

Glorious details below.

The Ding Dong at Neighborhood Services Tavern.

Heavily marbled pork shoulder is slow roasted and pulled, then delicately placed inside three golden corn tortillas. Toppings are simple, but provide the perfect balance to the richness and saltiness of the pork. The sweet radish and pickled onion pico is sprinkled across the top and the entire dish is crowned with a lovely sour orange crème fraiche.  Each of the elements play together perfectly and makes for some very honorable tacos.

Equally unique and delightful is the accompanying house made salsa. The standard roasted tomato, jalapeño, red pepper, onion, and garlic provide the base for this king of condiments. The ingredients are ground together with cucumber, cilantro, and toasted cumin, and finished with a touch of maple. The final result is a sweet and smoky masterpiece. Luckily, I was able to keep my dignity and was able to resist the urge to drink this salsa straight out of the bowl.

Any meal at Neighborhood Services Tavern that starts with these tacos and ends with a double chocolate Ding Dong is one that will never disappoint.


  • YUM…Look delicious!!!

  • Gipson

    The Ding Dong v.2 (the one at the Tavern) is a big improvement over the original at the Lovers location, but they both pale to the Butterscotch Pot de Creme.

    Actually, the first time I had the v.2, in the Tavern’s first week of business, it was piping hot and just marvelous from first bite to last. The two or three times I’ve ordered it since then, however, it’s come out either room temp or lukewarm. Since execution at NST is usually flawless, I’ve always figured that’s how it’s supposed to be, but it really is much better when hot.

  • Um, yeah, those tacos look amazing, and I’m so excited NST finally started doing tacos. Haven’t seen the price tag yet, but I’m sure whatever you have to pay is worth it — their food is delish!

  • Daniel Walker

    The tacos are an appetizer and run you about $9 for three.