Green Room Says “Not Closed”

According to the Green Room Dallas’s Facebook page:

“Contrary to Nancy Nichols’ uninformed rumor mongering, the Green Room is not closed. We will reopen Tuesday, January 18th with a new menu and new wine list for the new year.”

Okay, well thanks for posting it on FB instead of returning my calls.  I guess if you open on January 18 with a new menu you can throw a pie in my face. And, where will chef Harloff be in this picture? I still smell something fishy. Why in the world would you close your restaurant and not update your voicemail? Why would you not put out a release (Taylor Allday’s wife runs a PR company) stating the restaurant was closing to revamp menu, etc. Just curious. Sure I jumped the gun and I apologize if I reported a non-truth. I guess only time will tell.

UPDATE: Leslie Brenner called the Green Room. She reports the message has been changed to reflect the fact that they plan on reopening.

UP-UPDATE: This email from Brynn Bagott Allday, wife of GR owner Taylor Allday and owner of PR company that reps the Green Room. “We have been trying to confirm the details and obtain additional information to share with you about the Green Room’s plans.  As soon as we know more, we will be sure to let you know.”


  • Andrew Chalk

    And why are the suppliers’ bills unpaid?

  • DGirl

    Do they serve old fish on the menu? Cuz something stinks here.

  • downtowner

    go get ’em, Uncle Nancy!

  • dani

    …and if you are “RE-opening on the 18th”…doesn’t that mean you are currently closed? Just sayin…

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  • DeepThroat

    I pass this place every day. They have been closed since Christmas. I am a server at a nearby restaurant and worked with several former Green Room workers who said the place was toast. Same deal for The Chef. Harloff hasn’t been paid. I’m with downtowner here Nancy. It doesn’t add uo. On another subject what is Uncle Nancy? Is that an insult to you?

  • Kevin72

    It is odd. That means that they closed for Christmas, then decided to stay shuttered for three more weeks after that without laying the groundwork with the public? And they decide to sit out New Years Eve, a time that seems tailor made for a rock and roll bar and restaurant?

  • logan

    Will someone explain what uncle nancy means…i was wondering the same thing.

  • Uncle Nancy is my nickname. It started with my family and has spread to the office. Sometimes Tim Rogers refers to me as Uncle Nancy online.

  • Mike

    Did ANYONE have a good review of that place? I knew it was doomed from the start.

  • Lee

    I went once. I took a picture of the sign as we walked in, like seeing an old friend. When simple salads we couldn’t eat because of the salt and a chicken breast were included in the Feed Me menu, I knew it wasn’t my old friend. So long, imposter.

  • RidemCowgirl

    These little stories are why I love side dish. Nancy, right or wrong you’ve got balls and you call it the way you see it!! This is the Wild West of food blogs in Dallas! Stay on ’em girl!

  • cbs

    1. who is this Tim Rogers and why did he close the Green Room
    2. seriously everyone please realize your fabled GR has been gone for years. Its same named new birth is now closed too.

    I trust NN will get the dish in due time. In the meantime, anyone been to Decanter?

  • Katy T

    To CBS: YES, 4 times in two weeks I have been to Decanter! Look for the new wine list this week as more and more are arriving. Sunday Brunch was DECADENT at Decanter — even with the snowy-icy threat.

  • MMMP

    Ate at Park tonight and Marc Cassel is apparently gone from there. Related? I hope?

  • From Lesbren’s Eats post, the Green Room’s publicist says: “Basically the Green Room is taking this time right now to reorganize and fix some things,” said Hightower in a phone conversation. What kinds of things are they fixing? “I’m not able to say,” she said. Nor could she tell me how long the restaurant has been closed. “I’m not really sure. I know they have taken the time since the Christmas, New Years break, and we’re taking the January lag time of normal restaurants and trying and work on things that weren’t working for them. So that’s what they’re trying to do right now”

    1. Lag time in Dallas restaurants is NOT January. It is the 5 days between Christmas and New Years and the month of August that is dead. January is busy for restaurants, conventions come to town, people are spending their Christmas money and bonuses, etc.

    2. With very few exceptions, everyone in this industry is under pressure, whether you have one restaurant or several. The question is, do you have the cash reserves, or capital to get through this economy? Many new places are opening to enticements of free rent, why? Because the real estate is available and empty and when the landlord throws in some finish-out dollars, people think, “well, at least it’s an ‘in’.” The landlord hopes to be repaid on the back end, but many times, by the time rent kicks in, the new place can’t make enough profit to pay it. And banks are NOT lending $ to restaurants, too high risk. Just like they taught in Business School. Free rent and vendor credit does not equal capital. Cash money in the bank equals capital, do not have less than 3 months operating expenses.

    3. I like the Alldays, they are really good people. They did exactly what entrepreneurs are supposed to do, they took a risk on a business. In an industry where 2 out of 3 fail within 3 years, there is no shame in a restaurant that closes, especially given the shrinking market in the new economy. At least they tried. Now, if they truly have the entrepreneurial spirit, they will dust themselves off and get back on the horse. Just maybe not one named “Green Room”, it’s possible that this name recognition is not working in their favor since people were disappointed by the reincarnation.

    My recommendation would to be think small, and counter service, these seem to be the places making serious $ these days.

  • cbs

    @Katy T- Thanks, just decided where to eat this weekend.

  • cluckin chicken

    what scared me about the reopening of the Green Room in the first place was the whole “publicist” thing.

    now they’re talking about business school and the way places make serious $money$ these days?!

    give me a break! that’s uptown or mid-cities garbage. not deep ellum.

  • Taste and Tell

    I always enjoy reading the different posts but rarely comment. In this particular circumstance I feel compelled to interject. My boyfriend and I were true Green Room groupies with a deep appreciation of the original establishment. When we heard it had re-opened, we couldn’t get there quick enough despite rumors the food was nothing to speak of. After receiving no return call for a reservation, we tried to walk in during the middle of the week and it was inexplicably closed. We made another attempt the next week and were greeted by Mr. Allday. He was leaning over the desk with a beer in hand as if we were chilling in his garage. He was friendly when he seated us in the cramped, unkempt dining room. And believe me I fully acknowledge this in some respects could be attributed to the original, but in this case you could tell the bare walls, dirty booths and dingy atmosphere were due to neglect. Who is running this place? Our server was nice enough, clearly uneducated about the wine list and seriously displeased with her job. She was able to tell us Joel Harloff was the Exec. Chef and we were once again looking forward to our meal; the Feed Me/Wine Me of course! We thoroughly enjoyed each course and the food did not disappoint. Although we were wrapped up in the food, it was hard to not be distracted by Allday and a shorter man with spiky grey hair drinking behind the bar with various friends in and out and our serving sitting down and chatting up her friends next to us. I will say I overheard our server tell the table next to us, “Know one is getting paid.” After hearing that it is a wonder they have any [email protected]! Borborygmus: What kind of “really good people” does that? Nancy Nichols is spot on. This is very fishy! This has been a tough run for Harloff, working in consecutive mismanaged restaurants. I would definitely say his food persevered these strenuous working conditions. Surprised to hear they finally responded to someone with a re-re-opening date, I am hopeful Harloff has moved on to better things. And if that is so I’m seriously confused what else they have going for them? It is always sad to say goodbye to those places we all recognize as a part of our lives, but the REAL Green Room CLOSED in 2006. What re- opened in 2010 tricked us for a moment, but it seems obvious that the last thing they are concerned with is accommodating their guests (the people that support the establishment). All you can say is WHAT A SHAME, but for heaven’s sake let’s end that thought there! So I ask, Why re-re-open?

  • James

    I just rolled by and they look purty closed to me.

  • Chuck

    Rolled by last night (1/20) after a great dinner at Local and can confirm it was closed. Trees looked pretty happenin’ just for the record.