Oh, the Glory of a Food Truck on a Saturday Afternoon. Hot Box Truck Hits Greenville Ave.

Pulled achiote pork plantain nachos with cilantro. (photography by Sarah Reiss)

I think I speak for all of us here at D when I say that only good things will come from the addition of a food truck culture to Dallas’ streets. Case in point: today’s arrival of The Hot Box food truck in front of The Grape on Greenville Ave.

Jump for The Hot Box Food truck’s visit to Greenville Ave…

I am not ashamed to say that I was not only the first — I mean the very first — person in line at 11:00, but also that I ordered one of almost everything on the menu. I staked an early claim on some achiote pork plantain nachos, chased them with an Uncle Jimmy’s pulled pork and sausage sandwich, and alternated both with sips of a salted-melon snow cone. Holy seasoned shenanigans, I was in heaven!

As the city is not yet keen on the food-truck-vending idea, Hot Box owners Lauren Jones and Stewart Jameson had to get creative. Good thing they have a friend and conspirator in Brian Luscher, owner of The Grape, who pitched a tent in front of his biz so that Jones and Jameson could cook up their specialties in close proximity to the truck without actually violating city code. The effort resulted in a swelling neighborhood turnout and exclamations of “Yum” and “Zowch” from Hot Box’s walk-up converts.

My professional assessment: Get off your couch right now and head down there before they close up shop at 2:00. Or, if you’re too slow, head to One Arts Plaza tomorrow to catch up with them at the Fall Block Party.

What's on today's menu? (left); the inimitably cute Lauren Jones shows us how it's done.

The Grape's Brian Luscher kicked in with his award-winning burger (left); Hot Box's Stewart Jameson builds awesome nachos.

Jameson and Jones are ready to take their shiny new truck to the people of Dallas (left); Brian Luscher's Uncle Jimmy's pork and sausage sandwich (right)

Talking with your mouth full? No worries. Guests chow down on The Grape's streetside patio.


  • Uncle Ben

    Wow, I ate there not an hour ago and these pictures look as good as the food tastes! The sno cones after the spicy sausage… I may have to go back today.

  • Melanie N

    Refreshing to see a SideDish blogger who knows how to use a camera.

  • I am in love with a new sammich… The Uncle Jimmy. It is chef Brian’s new concoction that includes a housemade sausage and pulled pork that you have pictured above.

  • Gosh i looooove food trucks. They’re a staple in Australia. I hope the food truck culture takes off here in Dallas.

  • Pray tell… how do we find these food trucks? I searched online but found Hot Box in NJ.

  • Logan

    Where will hot box be? How often will they be out?

  • Twinwillow

    @Cheryl: Don’t count on it. If it does happen, it’s going to be while.
    This is Dallas. Not, Austin, NYC or, Australia.

    But we can always hope that our city council will wake up one day and realize that, this the 21st century and what the people of Dallas need and want is actually, good for Dallas!

  • Chef Brian’s new sammich is terrific. Come read about it on my new site!

  • Charm Offensive

    Went yesterday and it was delicious–very nice folks as well. I wish them well. Any idea how they plan to publicize their times and locations?

  • Stewart

    Thanks everyone for coming out Saturday at the grape and you return customers on sunday in the arts. Hope to have a website up as soon as tomorrow, and of course check your social media sites such as facebook. Spread the word and help make Dallas food truck friendly!

  • Diane

    Cheers to Hot Box! Can’t wait to see you more often on the street, serving up your treats! It was great to see you guys on Saturday!

  • asasa

    A “Food Truck Culture for Dallas”, huh? This reminds me of Nancy’s constant hype of “Street Food Culture for Dallas.”

    IOW, very limited, or in very specific parts of town, and overhyped.

  • Good Ju Ju

    The Food Truck Culture was not so hot at yesterday’s Better Blocking in Arts District Mausoleum. http://blogs.dallasobserver.com/unfairpark/2010/11/on_a_barren_stretch_of_arts_di.php

  • CB

    Call me an old fogey, but I don’t follow restaurants, food trucks, or anything on Facebook or Twitter. Don’t have the time or the desire to learn. If you want my business, your info needs to be on a website.

  • Congrats you guys! Lookin’ good. Can’t wait to try for myself.

  • JB

    The “Uncle Jimmy” now holds the distinction of “The Best Pork Sandwich I’ve ever Had.” Previously it was held by any number of Texas pulled pork BBQ places and then a number of Vietnamese sandwich places. Go Food Trucks like Hot Box! Go Brian!

  • Robyn

    Hat’s off Stew – sorry I missed it! Good luck to Hot Box.