CuriousDish: Food Trucks in the Rain in Dallas

Can food trucks survive in Dallas (well, in University Park, in this case)?

Let’s re-phrase the question.  Can they thrive in the food marketplace? Survival in the Dallas political jungle is an entirely different beast to tackle another day.

Is this photo an indication?  Judge for yourself.  Green House Truck was at de Boulle, off of Preston Road today.  Here’s a line in the rain at about 12:45pm, waiting to order their Asian Flank Steak or Chicken Tomatillo tacos from Green House Truck.   The chicken tacos were delish, by the way.

Can food trucks and carts survive?  How many will we have in Dallas in 3 years?  We’ll come back and see who got closest.

UPDATE: There were some questions about what “environmentally friendly” meant.  So I went to the source.  Here is a response from Michael Siegel (edited for brevity):

“We strive to be environmentally friendly with our ingredients, utensils / containers, and power supply.  Our utensils and containers are made of bagasse (sugarcane).  They are recyclable and compostable.  The truck uses propane as the main power source. The refrigerator runs on a combination of rechargeable batteries and a propane generator (or can be plugged into any standard power outlet)  It’s clean burning not only for the environment, but also for the diners who frequent the truck.  ”

With respect to frying, Michael adds:  ” … we do not run on vegetable oil.  We don’t fry anything, period.  The only oil we use is olive oil.  “.


  • Glenn L

    Three people is not a line. This is a line.

  • Glenn, you are correct that Kogi has really been successful. Can Dallas get there? And yes, there were more than 3 people. I just didn’t snap the best picture. But it wasn’t a Kogi line. The point here is: in the rain, in a location that you can’t really see, past the lunch hour, and not near a Central Business District, they still had people showing up.

  • curmudgeon

    Glenn…WOW, Kogi had that kinda line on their first week. Amazing

  • Kym

    It always takes Dallas up to 3 years to get in on a great and growing trend…so here’s hoping Green House will gain the rep as the foremost authority and truck to emulate by future truckers.

  • Michelle

    Green House is awesome!! Delicious, healthy gourmet food cooked by one of the best (if not the best)chefs in town. …AND the truck is environmentally friendly too! Everyone should give them a try! You’ll be glad you did.

  • CB

    I had an awesome breakfast burrito this morning at the City Street Grille truck in Bob’s parking lot. It had tender filet (I think from Bob’s) and great red salsa. Nice service, too. Only $7 for a giant burrito and free coffee.

  • CE

    I had that same breakfast burrito from City Street Grille and it was far from awesome. The meat was overcooked and under-seasoned. The potatoes were extremely under-cooked and almost inedible. The red and green salsa had great heat and lots flavor. I will continue to eat breakfast at Good 2 Go and Torchy’s. Sorry City Street Grille.

  • curmundgeon

    I was wondering if environmentally friendly means that after they fry food they use the oil to power their truck…eat here we need gas.

  • BA

    I doubt it. I’ve been to the truck several times and haven’t seen any fried foods on the menu.