Eat This Now: Burger Girl

Black bean veggie burger with grilled portobello and provolone. To be honest, I’m not a fan of the “breastraunt” concept. Think Hooters, Twin Peaks, and the like. Perhaps it offends my puritanical Church of Christ upbringing to which my friends are now snickering as they read this and saying, “Puritanical? You?” Glass houses, kids. Anyway, once I got past Burger Girl’s tight red t-shirts and Daisy Dukes, I discovered that this newish Knox-Henderson spot makes a darn fine veggie burger: a wheat bun piled high with a spicy black bean patty, grilled portobello, provolone, and all the fixings. I added avocado and substituted the Dijon mayo with BG’s secret sauce. “It’s kinda like a spicy Thousand Island minus the pickle relish,” admitted my stacked server. Most of the time, veggie burgers are an afterthought at burger joints. Not so at Burger Girl. It was one of the better ones I’ve had in town. That sets up a question to you, dear SideDishers: Who has the best veggie burger in Dallas?


  • Sparky
  • Zac Crain

    The Old Monk’s is great, as is the one at Meridian Room. And the one at the Stoneleigh P seems to be good again (for a bit they were using Morningstar patties, if I recall).

  • UC

    Why do vegetarians try so hard to make their food look and taste like meat?

  • EBL

    Houston’s, uhh, I mean Hillstone. So yummy.

  • Glenn Campbell

    Did they run out of beef?

  • naugesque

    My best friend’s kitchen, origin of the fava burger. So tasty.

    I have had a good veggie burger at the Fillmore pub in Plano, although the patty is hard to separate from the rest of the experience.

    Still refreshing for others’ opinions, as I’ve become dissatisfied with most of the major chains.

  • mark

    What makes a good Veggie burger is toasting the bun on the flat top with burger grease.

  • Brad

    @UC – generally it’s not only the vegetarians doing it, it’s the restaurant as well.

    If you operate a burger joint with a limited menu of sandwiches and fries, and every so often you get a vegetarian within a group of diners, what’s easier – throwing a veggie burger into the mix to complement all of your other ingredients/buns/etc. or coming up with a non-complementary dish? In the interest of familiarity and cost-savings, the former wins out.

    It’s no secret that most vegetarians weren’t born into vegetarian households. If you grow up eating hamburgers, then decide to go vegetarian, it’s often easiest to grab a familiar, veggie version of a food when you’re headed to a cook-out.

    As for what a vegetarian eats when left to their own choice? They usually eat vegetables, grains, ethnic foods traditionally made without meat, etc.

    Do I have some faux meat products in my freezer? Yes. Is that what I eat day-to-day? Nope.

    That said, Spiral Diner’s Cowboy Burger and MooYah’s veggie burger are my current favorites.

  • alexandra

    Cosmic Cafe’s “No Bull” burger with all three cheeses…hands down.

  • Brad

    As of 4:24, only 50% of the comments are disparaging. And I thought this was a red state…

  • manfredmannsearthband

    Many women WANT TO BE looked at

    jeez what a bunch of whinny leftist brainwashed by the fems pukes

  • James C

    Most breastraunts are crap. Had a decent meal at burger girl, but wont be going back. The only one I would go out of my way for is Big Racks BBQ in grapevine, by bass pro shops. The best brisket that has ever touched my mouth outside of a few famous south texas places.

  • DarnellErwinFletcher

    I don’t have a problem with vegetarians, I just hate them.

  • scott

    twisted root has a great one. its hilarious to see people react so strongly to the word “vegetarian” or even more so “vegan” simpletons they are…

  • Jef

    Yep, Hillstone, the artist formerly known as Houston’s, it is.