Shop Tonight at Mockingbird Station Market in Dallas

This is (obviously) not a man from Dallas shopping at a local market. Some people.

The full crop of ripe Texas produce is just around the corner but local markets are kicking into high gear with all kinds of goodies. The two clichés in the previous sentence should be enough of an incentive to get off the computer and head to Mockingbird Station Market tonight from 4:00 to 7:00 PM.

Web details here. Jump for the list of unique vendors.

DFM Organic Farms: Bruce McCarver grows his produce using no-till, double-dug raised beds, a sustainable method that doesn’t harm the earthworms and other natural insects. Look for herbs, malabar spinach, Georgia collards and maybe some onions.

Joy Farms: Jerry Smallwood grows fruits and vegetables and specializes in heirloom and unusual varieties. He also features selected food specialty snack items made locally. Jerry will also have Texas Olive Oil and Kap’s Peppered Jellies for sale.
Stephanie’s Premium Bakery: Stephanie’s cookies are made with only the finest, freshest ingredients and with no preservatives added.  Stop by to try her latest creation is a line of iced cookies called Stephanie’s Citrus Gems, which taste divine!
Texas Honeybee Guild: Urban/rural Blackland Prairie bee-wranglers, Susan & Brandon Pollard, offer local signature honey and products from the hive. Up-close, raw and unfiltered distinguishes their advocacy driven honey-cottage industry.
Wackym’s Kitchen: Paul Wackym bakes seven delicious cookies, all made from fresh ingredients with no artificial flavorings or preservatives.  They have a crisp and crunchy texture, with a “right out of the oven” taste.
WeMe Breads: Christine Carey’s crusty dense breads are baked locally and guaranteed to please. She also makes her own fresh ranch dressing, which the Dallas Morning News’ Kim Pierce has described as “drop-dead good.”