Deadline Procrastination Brain Game: Itemize Your Last Supper

Last July, I wrote a post and asked you to itemize your last supper. (I’ll wait here while you read the link.) Okay, so you got the idea, right. What I loved about that post was that our old buddy, Bill “Freckle Face” Addison, chimed in with this:

•  Bill Addison @ July 11th, 2008 at 4:54 pm _

Darn you, N2. This is a question I’ve been meaning to post on our blog. Love this subject. Just for today, here’s my answer:
– Maryland jumbo lump crab salad with blood orange and avocado
– A thali of South Indian curries, mostly vegetables and seafood, like served here.
– A modest plate of Ed Mitchell’s barbecue. A plate of barbecue from City Market in Luling would substitute nicely.
– A small dish of blood orange sorbet
–    A big bowl of peach crisp (with vanilla-bean brown butter poured over the fruit) with vanilla-bourbon ice cream melting atop. Then, curtains.

Sadly, not long after I listed my extensive and expensive requests, my relationship with Bill went, well, curtains. In honor of Bill, who I miss dearly, let us relive the idea of ordering your last meal on earth. What would be on your list? Who would be with you? How do I make my voice do this? (Obviously, I am on deadline and need a distraction.)


  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    With my dogs only, and me cooking my own invention personal fave recipes as follows:

    A massive Chicken-Fried Porterhouse (1 1/2″ thick-28 ounce min.) Steak topped with sauté-onion cream gravy heavy with cracked pepper.

    Served with thick purple onion slices and blue cheese and fresh basil leaves soaked in olive oil.

    Iced tea with tons of lime slices and chunks of mint.

    Side of fried-in-seasoned-cornmeal eggplant sticks (cut like French fries–learned this when I lived in Alabama) and remoulade dressing dip. (James Beard’s recipe for sauce.)

    No dessert. Just an iced cold bottle of Dom.

  • Twinwillow

    Could the shoot us, together?

  • MP

    Golabki in a spicy tomato sauce, and potato salad, both prepared by my mom. With my dog at my feet. Easy.

  • Alaskan King Crab legs with drawn butter and bagna cauda for dipping.

    Steamed whole artichoke for more dipping.

    (Look, I’m going to die. I could drink butter and it wouldn’t matter.)

    Foie Gras prepared by David Uyger, any way he chose to prepare it.

    Pork Belly prepared by Scott Gottlich, any way he chose to prepare it.

    Potatoes with white truffles and cheese from Ditirambo in Rome.

    Housemade lardo on toast from Al Pantheon in Rome drizzled with housemade olive oil from Myosotis.

    Wine to go with all chosen by Gina Gottlich.

    And now I’d like a reprieve so that I could wait a while and think of my next last meal.

  • peter dunkin

    Nyotaimori with N2

  • Kam

    I would start with sashimi from Yutaka-toro, uni, uni and more uni (Krug, Kistler or super premium sake-hell, all of the above)
    Saffron butter poached lobster from Tru in Chicago
    Any pasta with wild mushrooms from Babbo in NYC
    A well seasoned thick ribeye with a slab of seared foie gras on top, sides of chipotle mac and cheese with truffle oil and an ice cold wedge salad with thick cut bacon, blue cheese and ranch (Plumpjack and Kosta Browne)

    Dessert–pear tart with caramel from Dahlia Lounge in Seattle with a vintage port and sauternes (Yquem)

  • peter, i am blushing.

  • Scagnetti

    Mock parakeet foie gras in sweated yak’s milk.

    Mango, lemongrass and roquefort fritters accompanied by duck cocoa tartlets with Belgian mixed pulse sticks.

    Warmed forchette of pickled bison trotters marinated in an aspic of freshly gathered moonlight forest herbs.

  • PotNet

    If you had ended that with a fruit dessert, Scagnetti, you would have won Leslie Brenner’s approval.