Frozen Rose Wine Beverage Will Debut At Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial in Fort Worth

frozenlogoSometimes press releases are funny. The more you read, the less you learn. This morning comes word from the Grape Ranch, the largest winery in Oklahoma. Owned by two Dallas-based, “very excited” entrepreneurs, brothers Jack and Dan Whiteman, the company makes Frozen Rose. Grape Ranch announced today they’ve made a deal with The Wine Frog in Fort Worth to distribute “its popular Frozen Rose wine beverage throughout Texas.” Starting with The Colonial. There is nothing in the release that describes the drink. So I searched the Internet to find the answer: pay no attention to the Urban Dictionary, it’s a frozen wine beverage in a bag. The most interesting thing I learned was about The Wine Frog in Fort Worth. Good little story. Jump for the joy of the full release.

UPDATE:  Todd Bleakley from Sales and Marketing at Grape Ranch/Frozen Rose says, “I guess we should have been a little more detailed. Frozen Rose is unique, refreshing frozen wine beverage like a frozen margarita, but more delicious. Much more than wine in a bag.

Grape Ranch today announced it has agreed to a deal with The Wine Frog of Fort Worth, Texas to distribute its popular Frozen Rose wine beverage throughout Texas.

Grape Ranch will serve Frozen Rose at the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial in Fort Worth, Texas May 28-31. The Colonial will mark the official launch of Frozen Rose in Texas, followed by a strategic statewide rollout to restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, festivals and liquor stores.

Grape Ranch is positioned to distribute Frozen Rose through The Wine Frog to on-premise accounts immediately and off-premise accounts by July 4, 2009. Frozen Rose has been distributed successfully in Oklahoma liquor stores since August 2008 and has been served at the winery, festivals, live music venues and State Fair to a large and steadily-growing customer base since 2006.

“We are very excited to partner with The Wine Frog to distribute Frozen Rose in Texas,” said co-owner Jack Whiteman. “Being a unique wine product, Frozen Rose will receive special attention from the boutique wine distributor.

“We are also excited and honored to launch at the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial. I cannot think of a better opportunity to introduce Frozen Rose to Texas. With thousands of spectators in attendance, the Colonial golf tournament is an excellent venue to launch and brand Frozen Rose as we build our distribution network.”

“The Wine Frog is enthusiastic about our partnership with Grape Ranch and we look forward to marketing Frozen Rose together across Texas,” said Natalie de La Giraudiere, President of The Wine Frog. “Frozen Rose is an exciting and refreshing drink that responds to current market trends and the long, hot Texas summers. We have received unanimous feedback that Frozen Rose is flavorful and appeals to all segments of the adult beverage market. This product has unlimited potential.”

Grape Ranch and Frozen Rose are owned by Dallas-based entrepreneurs — brothers Jack and Dan Whiteman. They built a successful oil and gas business during the last several decades and decided to invest in the wine business. The winery is in Okemah, Oklahoma and is the largest winery in the state. It has also been voted best winery by the Oklahoma Gazette every year since opening in 2005.


  • I have some in my freezer right now as a friend of mine secured me some for Mother’s Day.

    It is indeed yummy, similar to a margarita.

    I highly recommend it.

  • OldDallasNative

    There is no comparison to a frozen Marg… oops… Isn’t there “FROZEN WINE BASED RITAS” at Big Schucks,,,been there dun that!

  • Jill Nothrop

    I have had a “FROZEN WINE BASED RITA” and it is NOTHING like the frozen rose. The wine based margarita is sour and leaves a bad aftertaste. The frozen rose is just the right amount of sweet and ALWAYS leaves me wanting more!!

  • mark

    Have been a huge fan of the frozen rose for a couple of years now. Brought some home and eveyone is hooked. Try it once and you will be too. Much better than a frozen margarita!!

  • Cameron

    i wish the pools were open. perfect summer drink. i’ve had a few at the actual winery and pumped i get to have some at home now.

  • will

    Best frozen wine/liquor drink on the market today (or ever). Nothing compares. Freezer is stocked.

  • Leslie

    Congrats to Grape Ranch! All of us can say we knew you when! Long live the Frozen Rose!! Cheers to YOU!

  • Michael

    Different than other frozen drinks. Not to bitter or sweet. Very refreshing. Great for the warm Texas weather. Had my first one a couple of years ago on a trip to Oklahoma when we stopped at the winery. Glad to hear it is coming to Texas.

  • Sharon

    Frozen Rose is a fantastic and refreshing frozen drink for wine lovers. You just open, blend, and pour. No need to add anything! It is super easy, super good and everyone loves it! Great for hostess gifts!

  • Michael

    I was at the OK State Fair, this was the first time I tasted Frozen Rose. I enjoyed the taste and it was very refreshing. As I sat in the Grape Ranch’s tent, listening to music and enjoying FR, it was a great night. There were hundreds of people that came bye and enjoyed the product. Stop looking at the internet for your answers and go buy some.

  • David

    Frozen Rose is a unique way to enjoy wine during the hot Texas summers. It has just the right amount of sweetness. I am looking forward to enjoying this great drink at the Colonial this year.

  • Alan

    Frozen Rose is great on a summer day!

  • Shannon

    Very flavorful and creative. Good job Jack and Dan! And Good luck! I hope you take Texas BY THE HORNS!!!