Who Has the Best Fried Catfish in Dallas?

2781_1133090415436_1472567709_30314623_5221231_nI was asking myself that same question after lunch yesterday. When I need a fast fried fix, I dine at Hook Line & Sinker. The fried catfish there is done right: lightly seasoned and fried in peanut oil for a crisp, fast fry. Okay. The hush puppies aren’t great. (I prefer deep fried golden orbs to the inferior cylindrical variety.) But the catfish is always tasty. Not so yesterday. It was limp, listless, and a bit bland. So, now I’m on the hunt for a new fried catfish home. Any ideas?


  • DGirl

    I truly think Flying Fish’s is the best in Dallas. I like to make mine snappy. Hi Shannon!

  • Mark

    HLS usually works for me. Sounds like they need to change the oil.

    One thing I’ve noticed about most of the catfish I get in Dallas is folks have gone from a cornmeal based mix to more of a corn flour mix. I like a little extra grit on my catfish.
    In Richardson at Coit and Campbell there is a diner called Southern Recipe. They serve good catfish on Fridays. Very homey and reasonable.

  • cookingfresh

    Although the guy that owns it is unique, Top Cat has the one of the best fried catfish I’ve eaten

  • dublin

    ive always been a fan of fish city grill’s catfish 🙂

  • Scagnetti

    I’m not sure catfish is really fish.

  • Dallasite

    I second Flying Fish. I’ve never been disappointed.

  • Rawlins Nichol-Plated

    Top Cat. Fool proof. Not drama. No grease. Why look for great sushi at the Spaghetti Warehouse?

  • d-dub

    celebration. MMMmmmm.

  • TM

    Alligator Cafe on Live Oak. And they have very tasty hush puppies.

  • S & D on McKinney?

  • VM

    Second Alligator Cafe, very light, not greasy. And dip it in the gator sauce, a spicy tartar sauce.

  • Brandy

    Big Shucks on Mockingbird. My children are addicted!

  • Scott

    I third TM & VM. Ivan at the Alligator Cafe does it best. Though Flying Fish is good as well. I think Top Cat is not in the same league as Alligator and FF.

  • Brent

    Pappy’s in irving. solid.

  • Marci

    Top Cat….very light breading, perfect spice…not greasy at all. There’s a reason there’s always a long line there at lunch. Oh..and the hushpuppies are badass too… 🙂

  • HLS was my go-to spot, until I tried Flying Fish, which became the new one. And then I found Top Cat. Search over!

  • M O’Neil

    Flying Fish all the way!

  • jazzy

    Top Cat

  • East Dallas Calling


  • InThePink

    The Dallas Country Club and The Catfish Plantation (Ghost Included).

  • j

    Mason’s in Desoto got the best Catfish filet