Resolution Keeper Seeks Smoothie

Resolutions always make me feel like a failure. Last year I vowed to have fun and be healthy, and that actually worked out pretty well, thankyouverymuch. I haven’t gotten around to any resy’s for 09. But this Disher seeks help, smoothie-style:

I’m trying to eat more fruits and vegetables this year (TRYING being the key word), and I’ve always liked smoothies. However, I went to Smoothie King over the weekend and thought it was gross and tasted like chemicals. Do you know where I can find a good one? All natural, etc.?

Hm. I’ve never been a big smoothie person myself, but in college, when I was feeling sick, I would go to Smoothie King and get a huge styro cup full of Immune Builder. Later I found out they have approx 3 million calories, explaining some of my freshman 15. Anyway, Jamba Juice was my go-to when I lived in Cali, but I’ll bet there’s a better choice Dishers can let us in on.