Resolution Keeper Seeks Smoothie

Resolutions always make me feel like a failure. Last year I vowed to have fun and be healthy, and that actually worked out pretty well, thankyouverymuch. I haven’t gotten around to any resy’s for 09. But this Disher seeks help, smoothie-style:

I’m trying to eat more fruits and vegetables this year (TRYING being the key word), and I’ve always liked smoothies. However, I went to Smoothie King over the weekend and thought it was gross and tasted like chemicals. Do you know where I can find a good one? All natural, etc.?

Hm. I’ve never been a big smoothie person myself, but in college, when I was feeling sick, I would go to Smoothie King and get a huge styro cup full of Immune Builder. Later I found out they have approx 3 million calories, explaining some of my freshman 15. Anyway, Jamba Juice was my go-to when I lived in Cali, but I’ll bet there’s a better choice Dishers can let us in on.


  • Nancy Nichols

    Well Jamba Juice in HP Village is gone. Make your own. Always.

  • N

    Here is your shopping list:
    1 bag each of frozen strawberries, peaches, raspberries
    Good quality orange juice (Simply Orange)
    Plain yogurt, even vanilla flavor
    Whey protein (isolates or better)
    Fresh oranges, bananas and other fruits

    Get yourself a good blender and keep plenty of ice on hand.

  • Big Tex

    or buy Naked Juices at the grocery!!!!

  • JB

    Jamba Juice is still on Grenville & Southwestern I believe.
    The best smoothie is your own. Buy Fresh Fruit (preferably in season) peel it and freeze it. Use WHITE grape juice and a another juice (Orange/Cranberry/etc) for whatever flavor you are going for. You don’t need too much ice if you use good frozen fruit.
    I hate yogurt in my smoothie but you can add it along with whatever ‘booster’ powder you can find at a nutrition store.

  • allison

    I drink the bottled Bolthouse Farms smoothies from the grocery store. They are usually sold right next to the Naked Juice. I love them. They come in big bottles and little ones.

  • DG

    Natsumi on Henderson has two very good, all-organic, smoothies.

  • pjohnson

    I recommend Smoothie Factory. I am addicted to the Blueberry Blast. The location on Greenville is my favorite as the owner really tries to provide a great product and service.

  • KellyK

    I wanted to start making smoothies as well. I have receipes that came with my shiny new Cusinart Blender/Food Processor. (I am so proud…

    If I follow my receipe it makes 6 servings. Not wanting to drink the same “flavor” every day for 6 days can I freeze it & it still be good? Or will I posion myself?

  • TG

    if you’re trying to get more fruit: Jamba Juice is the best because they use all fruit and fruit juices (plus sherbet and yogurt).

    Juice Zone is a good second; they also emphasize fruits. there’s a branch in the west village area and another on belt line in addison.

    Smoothie King uses fruit that’s preserved in syrup so it tastes gross and fermented.

    Smoothie Factory is all about supplements and additives and that kind of junk. completely different product. not really about fruit.

  • gina

    Making your own is so easy:
    I LOVE mine with acai berry packets, half a frozen banana, some nonfat vanilla soymilk (about a cup) and handful of berries. I don’t use ice which, imo, waters it down a bit when using that small quantity of “stuff”. The frozen banana and acai pack keeps it thick.

    If you want to get frisky – add some amino acids or green foods.

    You can use any fruit mixture, but the best combo I have found is starting with a frozen banana and the soy milk and going forward from there.

  • Yo go

    Orange Cup

  • BirdBrain

    TG? Is that Teresa Gubbins? I love Teresa Gubbins. She is so right on about Juice Zone and she is a frisky writer. She should be on SideDish.

  • Katie

    Also Jay Robb’s egg white protein powder is awesome. Fills me up longer than the whey protein version.

  • Check out Sorbeteria across from Northpark…all natural and super low cal.

  • PhemyOPhemy

    Forfive years I have been visiting the king of them all, Smoothie King. These folks have smoothies to suit every client and every taste buds. Their smoothies are specialized to suit yuor particular lifestyle. A lot of the smoothies are meal replacements which will account for the calories. For years i love the Power Punch plus- a comprehensive energy-giving tasty strawberry banana drink. Lately, I favor the Go Goji which could reduce your high blood pressure. Smoothie King stores are everywhere in the Dallas FortWorth metroplex.

  • csyd

    try magic juice at fadi’s

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