Valet Parking: A Short Horror Story

This novella just in from a SideDisher with a cracked up car:

On Friday night November 16, 2007 I pulled up to the valet stand at The Club Restaurant owned by Robert Colombo and Billy Solomon. As I pulled up there were several other high-end luxury cars that were unoccupied but waiting for the attendant from RP Valet to park them in the garage. After my guest and I walked inside the doors of the restaurant, a young enterprising criminal happened to take a fancy to a new Lexus LS 460L sedan and seeing that the valet was nowhere to be seen, decided to experience the pleasure of driving such a fine automobile. He jumped in the car and as he was rounding the corner from Welborn on to Cedar Springs, the employee from RP Valet came back from the garage and found the Lexus MIA.

Without thinking he jumped in my car and proceeded to chase the stolen Lexus throughout Uptown at high speeds, hitting several parked cars along the chase. The Lexus put a quick move on the valet driver and the valet driver attempted a U-turn to continue the chase but not before hitting another car in the street. Eventually the Lexus was wrecked and not drivable so the suspect ran away and was eventually caught along actual Turtle Creek near The Mansion. I came out for my car around 9:30pm and was told they could not find it. The new valet guys from RP Valet acted is they knew of nothing unusual taken place with my vehicle. I suggested that we go down in the garage and I could point it out to them. They immediately protested and said to go back in The Club and they would come and get me when they found my car. Later I found out why they protested. My car was being used in a car chase reminiscent of Smokey and the Bandit! Around an hour later I was told they had found my car. As I walk to it I noticed that the entire rear was damaged and the bumper was barely attached to the car. Upon hearing the story from the RP Valet employee I was just amazed that he would take a customer’s car to chase a stolen one. My car was barely drivable but the new Lexus had to be towed as the front wheels were completely damaged. It took over six weeks to have both cars repaired.