D Moms Loves: Homemade Frozen Yogurt, Checkmate Clutch, W3LL People, and A (Wildly) Chic Nursery From Design Crisis

It’s Monday… M to the ONDAY, and, friends, I’m feeling it. Blah, funk, general malaise. So whattya say we ponder some pretty things in an effort to turn this ship-o-self pity around? Herewith some (potential) happy makers.

  1. The Checkmate clutch from Nasty Gal. Ok, let’s just bypass the whole name of this shop completely (I can barley type the words “Nasty Gal” without cringing a bit) and go straight to the clutch. Ever since seeing my friend Hanh carrying it on our lunch date last week, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. The buttery, basket weave, graphic goodness is a dead ringer for Dries. (It is a seriously chic clutch). When Hanh told me she got it at Nasty Gal (cringe) for $48, I was floored. The second I got back to my computer, I typed in the dreaded store name and snapped one up. If you, like me, are interested in shamelessly copying Hanh, you too can snap one up here.
  2. Erin Williamson’s chic nursery. I’m a big believer that kids deserve good design too. Clearly Austin designer Erin Williamson has the same idea, as both of the nurseries she’s designed for her littles have been stylish, interesting, and, well, just plain cool.
  3. Frozen desserts. In the latest issue of D Moms Carol did a roundup of the best frozen treats in Dallas, and, I’m a little embarrassed to admit, I’ve sampled all of them… multiple times. (It’s a problem.) And despite the fact that my jeans no longer fit due to the aforementioned oversampling, I’m having a hard time kicking my addiction to the cold, creamy sweet stuff. So, in an attempt to get my fix guilt free, I busted out my ice cream maker this weekend and tried Erin McKool’s suggestion (also in the latest issue) to “Dump in my favorite yogurt and allow it to stir for 25 minutes to make homemade frozen yogurt with less sugar than store-bought versions.” I am happy to report that Erin McCool is a genius. The healthy homemade version clocks in at less than half the calories and sugar as my normal sweet stuff, and it is seriously delish. (Tip: Greek yogurt is less icy than regular yogurt when you freeze it. If you need to thin it up a bit before pouring it into your ice cream maker, mix in a little unsweetened almond milk. I have this ice cream maker, and I LOVE it.)
  4. W3LL People. My friend (and D Moms health contributor) Dr. Kate Naumes N.D. turned me onto W3LL People, a line of cosmetics completely void of all harsh, artificial chemicals and petroleum. I’m thinking the multi-use “Universalist” colorstick in Satin Blood Orange is going to be my go-to lip color anytime I’m needing a little extra zing (i.e. today). You can pick one up locally at Dear Clark (which is where I’m headed right after work today…just saying.)
  5. Red nails. And speaking of a perfect poppy red, if I had to wear one nail polish color for the rest of my life, it would be the shade spotted on this adorable girl over on Style Sheet. Done and done.


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