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Power Brokers 2024: DFW’s Top Commercial Real Estate Pros

Executives at 108 firms employing more than 4,000 brokers told us who generated the most money for their companies last year.

I first began covering commercial real estate when I moved to Dallas 24 years ago. Much has changed in the industry since then, but the things that set industry professionals in North Texas apart from their peers across the country have not.

Dallas brokers operate at a much more sophisticated level. At the same time, most follow a philosophy of “cooperatition.” If I win, that doesn’t mean you have to lose. Real estate professionals here believe in win-win. Even more important, they believe in doing what they can outside of work to make the community even better. That is a very powerful advantage for our region.

For these reasons and more, real estate has been a foundation of D CEO since we launched. Along with our commercial real estate news site, our Commercial Real Estate Awards program, and our Commercial Real Estate Annual, one of our most popular platforms is our Power Brokers program.

Getting on the list is not easy; brokers must earn their way on. They do that by being one of the top producers at their companies.

To compile our 2024 list, as always, we asked the leaders of North Texas brokerages to tell us who generated the most revenue for their companies last year. The number of names they were allowed to submit was based on their total number of licensed brokers, with a couple of exceptions for equal partners and smaller firms. In all, executives at 108 firms employing more than 4,000 brokers participated.

Members of the 2024 class of D CEO Power Brokers are presented below in alphabetical order, by area of specialty. 


Adam Abushagur, Marcus & Millichap 

Mark Allen, GREA 

Andy Anand, Douglas Elliman 

Ken Arimitsu, Avison Young 

Tim Axilrod, SHOP Cos. 

Stephen Bailey, Newmark 

Randy Baird, CBRE 

Danny Baker, CBRE 

Will Balthrope, Marcus & Millichap 

Doug Banerjee, Greysteel 

Ben Barnett, Greysteel 

Floyd Bates, Bates & Myers 

Daniel Batey, Range Realty Advisors 

Justin Beck, Whitebox Real Estate 

Brandon Beeson, Edge Realty Capital Markets 

Randy Bell, Real Capital Investments 

Bill Bledsoe, Henry S. Miller Brokerage 

Edward Bogel, Davidson Bogel Real Estate 

Andrew Boster, Younger Partners 

Breah Brown, Douglas Elliman 

Jonathan Bryan, CBRE 

Josh Bryan, Bryan Haggard Land Group 

Jeff Burgfechtel, GREA 

Bill Burton, Hillwood 

Kevin Butkus, Weitzman 

Trey Caldwell, The Multifamily Group 

James Carpenter, Cushman & Wakefield 

Gary Carr, Newmark 

Judson Clements, Cushman & Wakefield 

Dillon Cook, Range Realty Advisors 

Jordan Cortez, Vanguard Real Estate Advisors 

Danny Cunningham, Marcus & Millichap 

David Davidson, Davidson Bogel Real Estate 

Duke Dennis, Marcus & Millichap 

Chris Deuillet, CBRE 

David Disney, Disney Investment Group 

Tom Dosch, Dosch Marshall Real Estate 

Lynn Dowdle, Dowdle Real Estate 

Eric Deuillet, Structure Commercial 

Ryan Duffie, Dosch Marshall Real Estate 

Cooper Eddy, CRE Land Group 

Scot Farber, Younger Partners 

Geoff Ficke, Colliers 

Clark Finney, Matthews RE Investment Services 

Jaclyn Fitts, CBRE 

Nick Fluellen, Marcus & Millichap 

Todd Franks, GREA 

Breck Gallini, Douglas Elliman 

Joseph Garcia, DFW Elite Living 

Shawn Givens, Colliers 

David Glasscock, CBRE 

Chris Gomes, Marcus & Millichap 

Pamela Goodwin, Goodwin Commercial 

Byron Griffith, GREA 

Tom Grunnah, Younger Partners 

Skyler Henderson, Marcus & Millichap 

Robert Hill, Newmark 

Taylor Hill, Marcus & Millichap 

Brad Hoover, Marcus & Millichap 

William Hubbard, CBRE 

Darrell Hurmis, Henry S. Miller Brokerage 

Randy Jay, Preston Bend 

Jim Kelley, Champions DFW Commercial Realty 

Carter Kendall, CBRE 

Michael Kennedy, Avison Young 

Drew Kile, Marcus & Millichap 

Vincent Knipp, Marcus & Millichap 

Seth Koschak, Stream Realty Partners 

Jon Krebbs, The Multifamily Group 

Scott Lake, DB Urban 

Philip Levy, Marcus & Millichap 

John Makus, CBRE 

Mart Martindale, Edge Capital Markets 

Ben McCutchin, Younger Partners 

Trey McGhin, Dosch Marshall Real Estate 

Todd McNeill, Marcus & Millichap 

Adam Mengacci, Marcus & Millichap 

Jake Milner, DB Urban 

Alyssa Mitchell, Monument Realty 

Andrew Mueller, Greysteel 

Brian Murphy, Newmark 

Chris Murphy, Newmark 

Chibuzor Nnaji, GREA 

Kevin O’Boyle, CBRE 

Brian (BJ) O’Boyle Jr., Newmark 

Kim Parker, Dynamic Commercial Real Estate 

Alex Perry, Foundry Commercial 

Jennifer Pierson, STRIVE 

Bill Pyle, Edge Capital Markets 

Wes Racht, Marcus & Millichap 

Jerad Rector, Worldwide Commercial 

Matthew Rosenfeld, Weitzman 

Sunny Sajnani, Marcus & Millichap 

Casey Schaefer, CBRE 

Al Silva, Marcus & Millichap 

Scott Smith, Weitzman 

Warren Smith, EDGE Realty Partners 

Alex Speed, DuWest Realty 

John St. Clair, Younger Partners 

Wilson Stafford, Edge Capital Markets 

Jack Stone, Greysteel 

Tom Strohbehn, Younger Partners 

Michael Thomas, Cushman & Wakefield 

Ryan Thornton, CBRE 

Parker Tims, STRIVE 

Dylan Tomor, The Multifamily Group 

Joey Tumminello, Marcus & Millichap 

Ryan Turner, Davidson Bogel Real Estate 

Nick Virani, CenterPoint Commercial Properties 

Jason Vitorino, STRIVE 

Dustin Volz, Newmark 

William Vonderfecht, CBRE 

Will Walters, DuWest Realty 

Michael Ware, Marcus & Millichap 

Bill Wastoskie, CenterPoint Commercial Properties 

Russ Webb, Silver Oak Commercial Realty 

Calvin Wong, Engvest Group/eXp Commercial 

Paul Yazbeck, The Multifamily Group 

Chris Young, Range Realty Advisors 

Trina Zais, Champions DFW Commercial Realty 


Brant Bernet, CBRE 

Bo Bond, Cushman & Wakefield 

Ali Greenwood, Cushman & Wakefield 

Chris Herrmann, CBRE 

Curt Holcomb, JLL 

Yuma Morris, JLL 

Michael Rareshide, Site Selection Group 


Trevor Atkins, CBRE 

Jack Barkley, Hillwood 

Josh Barnes, Holt Lunsford Commercial 

John Brewer, Transwestern 

Keaton Brice, Holt Lunsford Commercial 

Wilson Brown, CBRE 

Matt Carthey, Holt Lunsford Commercial 

Kipp Collins, Paladin Partners 

Forrest Cook, Stream Realty Partners 

Stephen Cooper, NAI Robert Lynn 

Luke Davis, Stream Realty Partners 

Matt Dornak, Stream Realty Partners 

Jason Finch, Bradford Cos. 

Andrew Gilbert, Holt Lunsford Commercial 

Reid Goetz, Hillwood 

John Gorman, Holt Lunsford Commercial 

Trapper Graff, CBRE 

Thomas Grafton, Holt Lunsford Commercial 

Kurt Griffin, JLL 

Mac Hall, Stream Realty Partners 

John Hendricks, CBRE 

Craig Hughes, Hughes Commercial Real Estate 

George Jennings, Holt Lunsford Commercial 

Kacy Jones, CBRE 

Henry Knapek, Transwestern 

Steve Koldyke, CBRE 

Lon Lloyd, Champions DFW Commercial Realty 

Riley Maxwell, Transwestern 

Stan McClure, CBRE 

Caleb McCoy, JLL 

J. Scott Moore, CBRE 

Greg Nelson, Paladin Partners 

Nathan Orbin, JLL 

Brian Pafford, Bradford Cos. 

Jeff Rein, Stream Realty Partners 

Samuel Rhea, Hillwood 

Larry Robbins, Capstone Commercial 

Canon Shoults, Holt Lunsford Commercial 

Michael Spain, Bradford Cos. 

Randy Touchstone, JLL 

Steve Trese, CBRE 

Ken Wesson, Lee & Associates 


Chad Albert, Stoic Real Estate Partners 

Chris Armstrong, Fischer

Clay Balch, Cushman & Wakefield 

Reid Bassinger, Lee & Associates 

Josh Bays, Site Selection Group 

Chris Bly, Capstone Commercial 

Ryan Boozer, Stream Realty Partners 

Charles Brewer, Stream Realty Partners 

Barrett Bufkin, Cresa 

Omar Carrillo, Mohr Partners 

Dale Clemments, Fischer

Keenan Cook, Mercer Co. 

Joseph Cooper, SRS Real Estate Partners 

Eric Crutchfield, Stream Realty Partners 

J. Holmes Davis IV, Binswanger 

Lucy Durbin, CBRE 

Thomas Eddins, Fischer

Matt Elliott, NAI Robert Lynn 

Tyson Erwin, NAI Robert Lynn 

David Eseke, Cushman & Wakefield 

Adam Faulk, Newmark 

Trey Fricke, Lee & Associates 

Brian Gilchrist, CBRE 

David Ginther, Fischer

Garrett Goldstein, Rich Young Co. 

Andy Goldston, Citadel Partners 

Jim Graham, Newmark 

David Guinn, DB Urban 

Michael Haggar, JLL 

Shawn Hall, The Brokerage Advisors 

Jim Hazard, Cresa 

Stephen Hemphill, Mohr Partners 

Corby Hodgkiss, Mercer Co. 

Summitt Hogue, GROWe

Melissa Holland, JLL 

Tyler Howarth, Holt Lunsford Commercial 

Todd Hubbard, NAI Robert Lynn 

Tom Hudson, Hudson Peters Commercial 

Jeff Jackson, NAI Robert Lynn 

Drew Jacoy, The Brokerage Advisors 

Scott Jessen, Citadel Partners 

Shannon Johnston, SRS Real Estate Partners 

Craig Jones, Fischer

Craig Jones, JLL 

Jett Jones, GROWe

Christopher Kelly, Rich Young Co. 

Kevin Kelly, CBRE 

Seth Kelly, CBRE 

Gregory Lance, Cushman & Wakefield 

Chris Leonard, Mohr Partners 

Brett Lewis, Lee & Associates 

Brad Lipton, Mohr Partners 

Huntley Luna, Henry S. Miller Brokerage 

Conrad Madsen III, Paladin Partners 

Clint Manning, Cresa 

Chris Mason, Newmark 

Tom McCarthy, JLL 

Jeremy Mercer, Mercer Co. 

Chase Miller, NAI Robert Lynn 

Mark Miller, NAI Robert Lynn 

Michael Newsome, NAI Robert Lynn 

Reed Parker, Lee & Associates 

Louis Pascuzzi, Newmark 

Tom Pearson, Colliers 

Dave Peterson, NAI Robert Lynn 

Frank Puskarich, Newmark 

Harrison Putt, Mercer Co. 

Ward Richmond, Colliers 

Chris Robinson, Fischer

Nicholas Robinson, Henry S. Miller Brokerage 

Travis Sapaugh, CBRE 

Brian Sapp, Fischer

Bob Scully, CBRE 

Chad Skipper, Fischer

Bryson Smiley, Fischer

David Sours, CBRE 

Dan Spika, Henry S. Miller Brokerage 

Michael Stanzel, NAI Robert Lynn 

Brad Struck, Cresa 

Chris Teesdale, Colliers 

Becky Thompson, Lee & Associates 

JR Tomlinson, Newmark 

Shannon Unsicker, Fischer

Colton Uzelac, Fischer

Timothy Vogds, CBRE 

John Wolf, Newmark 

Rich Young Jr., Rich Young Co. 


Steve Aldrich, Hillwood 

Jordyn Allen, Crescent Real Estate 

Trae Anderson, Younger Partners 

Chris Axley, Lincoln Property Co. 

Dennis Barnes, CBRE 

Austin Barrett, JLL 

Mason Bishop, Transwestern 

Bill Brokaw, Hillwood 

Kim Brooks, Transwestern 

LeAnn Brown, Silver Oak Commercial Realty 

Shannon Brown, CBRE 

John Brownlee, JLL 

Lindsay Brunkenhoefer, Altschuler and Co. 

Bob Buell, Fults Commercial Real Estate 

Dillon Buhrkuhl, Pillar Commercial 

Austin Busse, Dogwood Commercial 

Kim Butler, HALL Group 

Debi Carter, Capstone Commercial 

Bill Cawley, Cawley Partners 

Jason Cheek, JLL 

Tony Click, Crescent Real Estate 

Richmond Collinsworth, Bradford Cos. 

Cynthia Cowen, Cushman & Wakefield 

Andrew Crain, Dogwood Commercial 

Alexandra Cullins, CBRE 

Sean Dalton, Younger Partners 

Ben Davis, CBRE 

Laney Delin, Transwestern 

Mike Dement, Altschuler and Co. 

John Dickenson, Holt Lunsford Commercial 

Jeremy Duggins, Cawley Partners 

James Esquivel, JLL 

Ryan Evanich, Stream Realty Partners 

Trevor Franke, JLL 

J. Tracy Fults, Fults Commercial Real Estate 

Ethan Garner, JLL 

Brad Gibson, HALL Group 

Eric Goodwin, Champions DFW Commercial Realty 

Ruth Griggs, Thirty-Four Commercial 

Tanya Hart Little, Hart Commercial 

Rodney Helm, Cushman & Wakefield 

Duane Henley, Newmark 

Campbell Henry, Lincoln Property Co. 

Burson Holman, Granite Properties 

Bryce Jackson, Thirty-Four Commercial 

Johnny Johnson, Cushman & Wakefield 

Carley Keiser, Monument Realty 

Jared Laake, Bradford Cos. 

Marijke Lantz Flowers, Billingsley Co. 

Tabitha Layne, Sunwest Real Estate Group 

Hunter Lee, HPI Commercial Real Estate 

JJ Leonard, Stream Realty Partners 

Chris Lipscomb, Transwestern 

Addie Ludwig, Cawley Partners 

Taylor Lynch, Forge Commercial 

Jackie Marshall, CBRE 

Byron McCoy, Younger Partners 

Lacy Milani-Ingalls, Champions DFW 

Justin Miller, Transwestern 

Parker Morgan, Younger Partners 

Lauren Napper, CBRE 

Jacob Neal, Holt Lunsford Commercial 

Thomas Nelson, CBRE 

Rena Padachy, HALL Group 

Marissa Parkin, Stream Realty Partners 

Amy Pham-Woodward, Champions DFW  

Russell Podraza, Forge Commercial 

Elliot Prieur, Gaedeke Group

Gini Rounsaville, JLL 

Matthew Schendle, Cushman & Wakefield 

Karch Schreiner, Hillwood 

Chuck Sellers, Forge Commercial 

Blake Shipley, JLL 

Trey Smith, CBRE 

Grant Sumner, Forge Commercial 

Christopher Taylor, Cushman & Wakefield 

Tim Terrell, Stream Realty Partners 

Kristi Waddell, Cawley Partners 

Scott Walker, Transwestern 

Luke Walter, Gaedeke Group 

Worthey Wiles, Lincoln Property Co. 

Jeff Wood, JLL 

Chris Wright, JLL 

Jake Young, Lincoln Property Co. 


Lauren Adams, Fischer

Baron Aldrine, Colliers 

Cribb Altman, JLL 

Steve Andrews, Fischer

Robert Baty, Cushman & Wakefield 

John Beach, Newmark 

Charles Beck, Cushman & Wakefield 

Eric Beichler, Mohr Partners 

Brad Beutel, The Brokerage Advisors 

Greg Biggs, Stream Realty Partners 

Jacob Black, Fischer

Jihane Boury, Savills 

Ryan Buchanan, CBRE 

Jordan Buis, CBRE 

Doug Carignan, CBRE 

Cody Carson, Douglas Elliman 

Mike Cleary, Colliers 

Dean Collins, Cushman & Wakefield 

Mark Collins, Cushman & Wakefield 

Kim Colvin-Lyon, Newmark 

Jim Cooksey, Newmark 

Randy Cooper, Stream Realty Partners 

Matt Craft, Lincoln Property Co. 

Charles Daggett, Savills 

Peter Danna, Colliers 

Harlan Davis, CBRE 

Taylor Dickerson, JLL 

Gibson Duwe, Transwestern 

Jeff Ellerman, CBRE 

John Ellerman, CBRE 

Searcy Ferguson, CBRE 

Simon Figg, Morrow Hill 

Fiona Forkner, JLL 

Sharon Friedberg, Fischer 

Billy Gannon, Transwestern 

Lawrence Gardner, OMS Strategic Advisors 

Jeff Givens, Transwestern 

Rachel Gorney, JLL 

Arthur Greenstein, Douglas Elliman 

Michael Griffin, Transwestern 

Scott Hage, JLL 

Jason Harrell, Transwestern 

Dan Harris, Stream Realty Partners 

Todd Hawpe, Transwestern 

Hunter Haygood, Fischer

Bret Hefton, JLL 

Andrew Hegmann, Fischer

Matthew Heidelbaugh, Cushman & Wakefield 

Scott Hobbs, Newmark 

Ryan Hoopes, Cushman & Wakefield 

Grant Huff, Transwestern 

John Huff, Transwestern 

Calvin Hull, JLL 

Bob Ingram, Mohr Partners 

Nate Jackson, Morrow Hill 

Allison Johnston Frizzo, Hart Commercial 

Chris Joyner, Fischer

Kelley Kackley, JLL 

Mike Kay, Colliers 

Gianni R. LaBarba, The Venator Group 

Garrison Lackey, Transwestern 

Brent Landfried, Transwestern 

Greg Langston, Avison Young 

Andy Leatherman, JLL 

Nick Lee, NAI Robert Lynn 

Kyle Libby, MedCore Partners 

Curt Linn, Avison Young 

Torrey Littlejohn, JLL 

Elizabeth Loving, Mohr Partners 

Kelly Lyons, Monument Realty 

Esmeralda Martinez, Lincoln Property Co. 

Conor McCarthy, JLL 

Allie McCracken, Transwestern 

Conrad McEachern, CBRE 

Jon McNeil, JLL 

Hannah Mesh, Harwood International 

Bob Mohr, Mohr Partners 

Jayson Montoya, NAI Robert Lynn 

Sharon Morrison, Cresa 

Mac Morse, Citadel Partners 

Scott Morse, Citadel Partners 

Charlie Otte, Rubicon Representation 

Dan Paterson, Swearingen Realty Group 

Luke Paterson, Swearingen Realty Group 

Dan Polanchyck, Henry S. Miller Brokerage 

John Poston, Lincoln Property Co. 

Grant Pruitt, Whitebox Real Estate 

Sam Pruitt, Site Selection Group 

Campbell Puckett, Cushman & Wakefield 

Phil Puckett, CBRE 

Steve Rigby, Colliers 

Damian Rivera, Cresa 

Bob Robbins, Banner Commercial 

John Roper, CBRE 

Daniel Rudd, Avison Young 

Evan Saks, Transwestern 

Mike Sandel, Henry S. Miller Brokerage 

Jenny Schreiner, Altschuler and Co. 

Brad Selner, JLL 

Eric Sheets, MedCore Partners 

Chris Sido, CBRE 

Emmitt Smith, E. Smith Advisors 

Jeff Smith, Transwestern 

Kent Smith, NAI Robert Lynn 

Trent Smith, Mohr Partners 

Elizabeth Solender, Solender/Hall 

Zach Stevens, NAI Robert Lynn 

Thomas Sutherland, Cushman & Wakefield 

Andrew Taguwa, JLL 

Alan Thomas, Swearingen Realty Group 

Hyatt Thompson, Swearingen Realty Group 

Sanders Thompson, Transwestern 

Tamela Thornton, E. Smith Advisors 

Justin Utay, NAI Robert Lynn 

Billy Vahrenkamp, Colliers 

Clay Vaughn, Savills 

Jordan Wade, Transwestern 

Blake Waltrip, JLL 

Howard Watkins, Transwestern 

Sam Weatherby, JLL 

Kelly Whaley, Harwood International 

Jordan White, Site Selection Group 

Josh White, CBRE 

King White, Site Selection Group 

Warren Willey, CBRE 

Craig Wilson, Stream Realty Partners 

Peery Wood, Stream Realty Partners 

Darren Woodson, Cresa 


David Adams, The Woodmont Co. 

Brett Baumgartner, Matthews RE Investment Services 

Josh Bishop, Matthews RE Investment Services 

William Carr, Matthews RE Investment Services 

Lee Cordova, Matthews RE Investment Services 

Grayson Duyck, Matthews RE Investment Services 

Bryan Dyer, The Woodmont Co. 

Rachel Forslund, The Woodmont Co. 

Scott Latimer, Matthews RE Investment Services 

Jim Leatherwood, Silver Oak Commercial Realty 

Jake McCoy, The Woodmont Co. 

McKenna Myers, Hillwood 

Brittney Austin, SHOP Cos. 

Blake Barnes, DuWest Realty 

Thad Beckner, The Retail Connection 

Greg Bracchi, EDGE Realty Partners 

Frank Bullock, Henry S. Miller Brokerage 

Jake Burns, Structure Commercial 

Mike Cagle, Inroads Realty 

Michelle Caplan, Weitzman 

Sam Carrion, Morrow Hill 

Max Chanon, The Retail Connection 

Connor Chauncy, Morrow Hill 

Paterick Clark, Morrow Hill 

Jordan Cluff, DuWest Realty 

Taylor Cluff, DuWest Realty 

Mark Cohen, CenterPoint Commercial Properties 

Jonathan Cooper, Davidson Bogel Real Estate 

Bryan Cornelius, RetailUnion Partners 

Michael Crovetti, STRIVE 

John Day, Venture Commercial 

Jim Dunn, RetailUnion Partners 

Mason duPerier, Vista Property Co. 

Scott Eiting, Dogwood Commercial 

Daniel Eng, Engvest Group/eXp Commercial 

David English, Ridge Pointe Commercial RE 

Evan English, DBA Commercial Real Estate 

Grant English, Ridge Pointe Commercial RE 

Steve Ewing, EDGE Realty Partners 

Rob Exline, Structure Commercial 

Rich Flaten, CBRE 

Chris Fleeger, Morrow Hill 

Chris Flesner, Resolut RE 

Rob Franks, JLL 

Ryan Fuqua, DuWest Realty 

Thomas Glendenning, SHOP Cos. 

Adam Gottschalk, STRIVE 

Ryan Griffin, EDGE Realty Partners 

Tyler Grisham, SRS Real Estate Partners 

Darrell Hernandez, CBRE 

Jonathan Hill, Morrow Hill 

Ben Hines, Venture Commercial 

Rand Horowitz, SHOP Cos. 

Jim Jamerson, Segovia Partners 

Michael Kaplan, Venture Commercial 

Hudson Lambert, STRIVE 

Ian Laskowski, Morrow Hill 

Amanda Lawrence, Morrow Hill 

Andrew Lehner, CBRE 

Taylor LeMaster, Inroads Realty 

Steve Lieberman, The Retail Connection 

Sean Lockovich, Falcon Realty Advisors 

Mark Masinter, Open Realty 

John Mathes, The Retail Connection 

Tim McNutt, DBA Commercial Real Estate 

Steve Merkle, Open Realty 

Rose Meza, Segovia Partners 

Gretchen Miller, Weitzman 

Karen Mitchell, Hudson Peters Commercial 

Bob Moorhead, Secure Net Lease 

Troy Morgan, Structure Commercial 

Clay Mote, RetailUnion Partners 

Luke Mullen, Brand Partners 

Michael Nagy, Open Realty 

Mark Newman, JLL 

Linda Nguyen, Morrow Hill 

Amy Pjetrovic, Venture Commercial 

Pete Podesta, SHOP Cos. 

Daniel Poku, SRS Real Estate Partners 

Anthony Pucciarello, Secure Net Lease 

Bretley Roche, Segovia Partners 

Scott Rodgers, DuWest Realty 

David Sacher, SHOP Cos. 

David Schnitzer, ASCEND Commercial Real Estate 

Brettany Schovanec, Fischer

Matthew Scow, Secure Net Lease 

Andrew Shaw, EDGE Realty Partners 

Johnny Siegel, Open Realty 

Natalia Singer, Venture Commercial 

Brian Sladek, Resolut RE 

Karla Smith, SRS Real Estate Partners 

Jacquie Stone, Falcon Realty Advisors 

Terry Syler, The Retail Connection 

Tucker Szybala, Falcon Realty Advisors 

Amanda T. Welles, Venture Commercial 

Corbin Tanenbaum, Weitzman 

Mitch Traub, Promoted Cos.

Brandon Trimble, The Retail Connection 

Lynn Van Amburgh, Weitzman 

Paul Vernon, Henry S. Miller Brokerage 

Michael Walters, Falcon Realty Advisors 

Luke Wilson, The Retail Connection 

John Zikos, Venture Commercial 


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