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Dallas Concert News & Review: Grime Zone Ice Rink | Dark Magician | The Blow


There’s not much news to report today, but there is a show taking place at an ice rink further down in this post. That should have been news when I first heard. Here’s a tip: There’s a place called The Basement Gallery in Oak Cliff where they sometimes host very unusual events. Remember that for the remainder of this rundown.


I attempted to go to DJ Sober’s “Big Bang” last night, and that was all in vain. I stood in line for 20 minutes and once I tried to make my way to the bar, I was stuck and nobody was interested in moving. Erykah Badu was DJing, so what do you expect? I would call that a success. The best part was that there were no tacky promoters or people bragging about having a “hand” in things. It’s always much less cool when you have to explain everyone how involved you are.




Grime Zone Ice Rink (The Galleria): The Galleria will be hosting a very special event, yes, that Galleria where you may be shopping for Kate Spade apparel, unless that’s way off and you get made fun of by your ex for thinking she dresses like an “old woman.” Ahem. So there is a dance event that’s taking place on the sizable ice rink at the mall and I’m not sure if I’ve ever listed something quite like this. Your DJs will be Mike G and Audrey Lee III. The event is at 11 pm and runs until 12:30 am, which is pretty wild for an event at the mall. There will be an after-party but I don’t yet have the details on that. I’m pretty sure it’s in Oak Cliff.

Here’s a video of the Kansas version of this event:

The Blow | Sudie | French 75 (Three Links): Once upon a time I would think that this show would sell out, and it might still. But that’s also because the supporting acts (Sudie and French 75) are popular in their own right. I briefly saw Sudie at this exact venue during the Dallas Observer Music Awards and the scant time she was onstage was more grabbing than the short set had any right to be.

Dark Magician | H.P. Hatecraft | PDogg | Sexy Jerry (J&J’s Pizza): Beneath the ridiculous amount of inside jokes and nonsense here there is actually a lot of musicianship, of course most bands would be better off with just the jokes. The Dark Magician features members of Vulgar Fashion, so look out for that.

Panoptikon (Red Light Lounge): Attendance offers the chance to win tickets to the February Zola Jesus show which you’ll be interested in especially if you’ve given any dark or goth-related music past 1990 a chance.


Gatsby’s Winter Ball (Gatby’s Mansion in Denton): This event kicks off with a barbecue around 4 pm and there will be many punk bands performing so this should have a real Oliver Twist feel to it.

5:00 – Race Traitor
5:30 – Dahling
6:00 – sexual jeremy
6:30 – Ryan Thomas Becker
7:00 – Glasir
7:30 – TBA
8:00 – Bad Times
8:30 – Collick
9:00 – Giant of the Mountain
9:30 – Plunge
10:00 – Clear Acid
10:30 – Lifer
11:00 – Mimisiku
11:30 – Valens
12:00 – Baring Teeth
12:30 – Super Secret Special Surprise Set

“Deathmus for All of Us: Warehouse Dance Party” (Pariah, located at 1505 Gano, in Dallas): This was originally supposed to be a hardcore and industrial show where they were crowdsourcing for acts which is the opposite of this show and it’s all the better for it. Instead a really solid lineup of Deep Shade, TX Connect, Dallas Acid, Mannequinz, Cygnus, and Golden Donna will perform. It should be an excellent time. Five dollars gets you in and it’s BYOB.


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  • Clinton Butler

    I think Deathmus is on Saturday iirc