Big Rich Texas Cast Member Hannah Gelbart Arrested by Mizzou Police?

Big Rich Texas Cast Member Hannah Gelbart Arrested by Mizzou Police?

An alert Frontrow follower leads us to information concerning Big Rich Texas cast member (and daughter of Pamela Martin Duarte) Hannah Gelbart. Remember, she went to Mizzou before dropping out and taking off to California claiming Missouri is way too cold.

The Columbia Daily Tribune reported:

University of Missouri police made the following arrests and issued summonses from Nov. 11 to Nov. 17.

Hannah Aerial Gelbart, 18, of 1005 Maryland Ave., false identification, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of 35 grams or less of marijuana.

I can only assume the University of Missouri police bypassed instructions on Gelbart’s website to go through Pamela to book Hannah.

For booking information and more send your request to [email protected].

UPDATE: The charges against Gelbart were later dropped.


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  • Parkie

    So how did she get permission to leave the state? Are charges still pending? Maybe she’s not really in CA, and is still in Missouri.

    I think it’s safe to assume that there is very little reality here. They cast members are portraying themselves, but that’s about it.

  • dee

    Why do they perpetuate this “hard working student” persona, when obviously the girl is a spoiled, pot smoking liar, who didn’t leave “cold” Missouri, but ran away from her problems. She will still face charges, and obviously it isn’t a secret any longer.

    No wonder Pamela didn’t make a bigger deal of her moving to “California”.

  • big sexy eyes

    Thank God dis came out in the open, now I’ll see what her useless mom does about it.

  • idong Gabros aka big sexy eyes

    Hannah is a brat and a bitch, just like her mother, I’m not surprised at all, I always knew there was something bad about her cos she wouldn’t have such a witch as a mother while she remains a saint

  • Jason Dylan

    Under Missouri law it would be considered a Class A Misdemeanor! Thank you for uncovering. Its very interesting!!

  • Tessa

    The whole going to California thing is scripted although they tried to make it seem real. This article made them caught up in their own lie! This season was filmed back in October-Decemeber which is when she would have been in college in California but if she was arrested in Missouri back in Nov then there was no way in heck that she was in school in California for school in the Fall!

  • NJ

    If you people only knew the real Pam…..I went to school with her….but don’t worry, you will see the “real” Pam soon…….hang on!!!

  • Anne

    Maybe you should publish the real date. When I looked it up it said Nov. 2010

  • robbkcmo27

    Jason Dylan – Because Boone County is a Class I county, and they passed a referendum several years ago, possession of less than an ounce & a half of marijuana is actually a local violation in Columbia. It’s complicated because certain cities/counties with certain types of local governments can pass ordinances that seem somewhat contrary to state law. So it’s a fine of $250 with just a summons for the marijuana. Now the false ID is a another matter – that one is a problem!

  • Sean

    No wonder she and Whit were smashed at poolside. They werent drunk, they were baked. Less than 35 grams? Come on. 3.5 grams is an 1/8 ounce. That means in Mizzou you can have over an ounce possesion and still be a misdemeanor. In Cali, that can be intent to distribute.

  • Hannah What are You Doing

  • S

    I seriously like Hannah much more.
    Grow up people, it’s only weed.

  • Tess

    If it was considered as flippant as saying “its only weed “then it wouldn’t be illegal.

  • Justin

    Weed is safer than alcohol.

  • Karen

    So… this happened in November 2010, before the first season of the show started, and it means what exactly?

  • loops08

    This could definately come up in a background check. Not a good career move.

  • This show is trash just like the parents on it!

    The producers should be ashamed of themselves for airing this crap!

    What a bunch of whores and sluts you have here! Pretencous scum.
    The ugliest people on earth inside and out.
    Wow a new perfume, omg dumb blond bitch!!! Loser

  • Kurt

    This isn’t surprising at all. She seems like a big party girl.

  • Carol

    Pam recently accused Leslie of being crazy, of being mentally ill, you name it. To tell you the truth,, Pam is the only one I’ve seen who’s started every one of the ridiculous “cat” fights at public events; yelling, calling names, more like a teenager who doesn’t get her way. If she had one OUNCE of class, she would never act like this at an event, no matter what. She’s proven over and over that she is the one who has the problem, not Leslie. Leslie might be trying to make it to the top, but she’s being kind and sweet about it. Pam, on the other hand, seems to feel the need to control everything in her life – and those around her. What a shame but the Real Pam will has come out and there’s no taking it back now. She needs to keep her mouth shut and take a few lessons in etiquette in the meantime.

  • Doesn’t surprise me that Pam’s Perfect Princess smokes Pot. Hannah needs it to deal with her overbearing, psycho mother. I can see Hannah distancing herself from her no-class, social climber mother as soon as she’s out of school. Pam is a vicious bitch. Hope Hannah gets free.

  • H.D.

    Hannah was allowed to leave the state because it was a misdemeanor and a summons to appear was issued. If she didn’t appear then she’s a fugitive but even if she had been stopped in CA, they wouldn’t extradite for a Class A Missy.

  • Sheila Sutherland

    Pam and her saying that there is ” NO BEIGE FERRARI” Pam thinks she is the Queen of Hi IQ”S. Not. Pam is a want to be. She may have done well for herself in some things. But she is quite the jealous women and that is why she is the Queen shit disturbing. You can get any color for any car even if a car comes in only one color, There will be a lot of people who will choose to paint there car. I believe Lesslie and her beiger Ferrari.

    Pam do not get your noise too brown. Your smart Pam you should know what a brown noiser is. I think once your husband finds out who you truly are, there will be problems and a possible devorce. Lesslie said to you once Go run back to your husband. And Pams reply, at least I have one. I believe in many cases no husband is better than a bad husband. Boo hoo Pam…

    Pam is a Starker and a pretend talker, she has a brown noise from the owner of the country clubs *ss.. All that said I feel sorry that Pam has such a boring life. Get a life Pam..

  • Sheila Sutherland

    Pam, I guess you think all Canadian are rednecks to EH!!! I don’t know anyone who say Eh! Maybe the french Canadians, and I love them. They take no sh*t from nobody. At least my french friends.

    Yes I love living the good life and watching these types of show’s makes my life seem so much better. Especially watching the housewives of ______________…. There great fun. It also show the poor people that the rich are not as great as they think they are.

  • You guys talk about how trashy the show is yet you still watch every episode. Hannah is 18, some of you remember what it was like to be a teenager experimenting and all that good stuff. Also you talk about her mother what could she do? go to missouri police and demand charges to be dropped? I am only 16 and a junior in high school and my friends I don’t even talk about people the way some of you “adults”are

  • Lisa

    If that trouble making, thinks she runs the world hefer, was my Mother, I’d honestly probably be doing more than smoking pot! Pam is the sorriest excuse for a person I’ve seen in reality tv for a while. She makes all the meanest Real Housewives look like Saints. She lives to sue people and be mean to them. And the nerve of her to call someone as educated as Dr. Bonnie, dumb and stupid and trash, is nothing but a reflection of what she see’s in herself. She is so jealous of Bonnie it’s so freaking obvious. And she wears clothes like June Cleaver from Leave it to Beaver with her man like body and very unattractive breasts. She has a lot to be jealous of when it comes to my favorite Dr. Bon! They need to get rid of Pam and her boring lying ass felon self and find a real Dallas socialite and daughter. Hannah can stay on as Wht’s best friend. As long as Pam is her Mom- ROLL ANOTHER HANNAH AND STICK WITH BON AND WHIT!

  • SAC

    Not sure why I am bothering with this! It isn’t like any of the cast members will read this, but I will go on with it. After just typing in the search engine today Big Rich Texas and finding all this, Good Lord, Pam you really need a life! I wasn’t fond of you to start with and after time on the show, I was thinking Pam should have been J.R. in Dallas. I feel bad for every one of the other cast members that has to listen to you and put up with your nonsense. If you can’t stand the heat then you shouldn’t dish it out and stay out of the kitchen! Oh and Karma it will come back to you in more ways than one Pam, and soon you can say been there, done that, still wearing the t-shirt because I didn’t learn the first time. To the rest of the cast members peace be with you all, I have empathy for you and hope you are compensated enough for mental health evals you will be needing after dealing with Pam for much longer! Peace to all, yes even Pam

  • ria