Photo Gallery: Street Artist Shepard Fairey Does Dallas

Los Angeles-based street artist Shepard Fairey is best known in art circles as the man who created the instantly recognizable Andre the Giant “Obey” graphic, and to the wider public as the artist who faced-off with the Associated Press over copyright laws for his use of a photo in this Barak Obama poster.

This week, Fairey’s in Dallas as part of the latest project by the Dallas Contemporary, which has commissioned five new murals from the artist that will be put up on walls around town: on Singleton Blvd. and Sylvan Ave. in West Dallas, and at the Dallas Contemporary’s location on Glass St. in the Design District. In addition, Fairey will DJ this weekend’s Phenomenon party at the Dallas Contemporary.

D Magazine‘s Elizabeth Lavin sends these images of Fairey at work. Also, stay tuned to FrontRow for an interview with Fairey.

All photos by Elizabeth Lavin


  • J.B.

    While these are just billboards for his clothing line, at least they look good.

  • Daddy

    Well, everyone can bitch all they want (what about the local artists, clothing line, etc.), but having Shepard Fairey in Dallas is amazing. It’s great to have urban/intervention art work in the city. It’s about time we rock with reality. Thank you FrontRow for covering this event.

  • Jared

    I agree ^^^