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Design Your Outdoor Oasis

Cooler temps are on the way, but when it comes to outdoor furniture, now is the time to plan.
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Design Your Outdoor Oasis

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It’s no secret that Texas has long been in love with outdoor living. For most of the year, we use as much as we can from our homes’ outdoor living spaces. When temperatures begin to fall, add a firepit and we’re set. If you wait until next spring to plan and purchase new outdoor living furniture, you may miss out—especially if you are looking for quality, timeless pieces. They are in demand, and lead times are getting longer. The time is now to order your furniture selections for Spring 2022 patio season.

With many brands of outdoor furniture, you can almost expect them to wear out. The material will fade, wood will become worn, and iron may rust. The effort and money spent on multiple replacements can be saved by investing in quality pieces that can last decades, such as those from Brown Jordan. Since 1945, Brown Jordan has been the industry leader in luxury outdoor furniture. Heritage, design, and quality craftsmanship have become the fundamentals that define Brown Jordan. Specifically known for its iconic and award-winning designs, Brown Jordan works with acclaimed designers to craft beautiful and distinguished collections fused with world-class quality and exceptional customer service. “We are a little different from other outdoor furniture manufacturers,” says Sarah Callahan, brand marketing manager for Brown Jordan. “At 76 years old, we have so many stories of Brown Jordan pieces being passed down from generation to generation. A lot of outdoor furniture has a lifetime of just a few years, but with Brown Jordan, you can expect our pieces to last a lifetime. It’s an investment for years to come.”

Now is the time to order Brown Jordan’s newest collection, MOTO, which reimagines outdoor seating by incorporating a layer of luxury comfort. Brown Jordan has collaborated with award-winning designer Ann Marie Vering to create a versatile sectional collection that can be tailored to suit the needs of any context, environment, or desire. The MOTO collection is a union of pure metal craftsmanship and luxury outdoor cushions which create a modern, neoclassical design. The cushions are comprised of three layers of batting and high-end foam—perfect for outdoor living in Texas. The collection breaks the limit of a typical outdoor sofa, with a top-of-the-line luxury sectional consisting of  11 versatile pieces are designed to create endless configurations, rather than just your classic “U” or “L” shape.

“Brown Jordan: Simple, beautiful, well-crafted contemporary furniture made to last.”

One of the biggest trends in Dallas home design right now is to create an outdoor living space that becomes an almost seamless and effortless transition from indoors to outdoors. “Since people are spending more time outdoors, there’s been a shift in focus to creating a functional and luxurious outdoor space,” says Kathleen Engels, regional sales manager for Brown Jordan. “People want to bring the look and feel of their interior pieces outside. The use of mixed media together in this MOTO collection, such as aluminum and quality cushions, lends an indoor look to the outside. Another trend is a modular style of outdoor furniture, which allows flexibility and ease of changing spaces for different gatherings.”

Interior designer Liz Williamson of Liz Lank Interiors makes it a point to beautifully transition the indoors to the outdoors, and vice versa, in her upscale home design projects. She also encourages clients to think about the design of their outdoor living spaces early. Quality furniture takes time to select and order, and space planning is essential to get just the right look and set up for your family’s specific needs. “Entertaining has shifted more to our exterior spaces, utilizing both the interior and exterior of our homes,” Williamson says. “We must all plan for our outdoor spaces now. With all the amazing furniture and fun fabrics available, we are making these outdoor spaces more inviting while having the same comfort and amenities we enjoy inside our homes. Plan and order now to enjoy the space by spring. Lead times are long!”

Williamson also believes the cost for quality materials when it comes to outdoor furniture and accessories is worth it, especially in Texas, where we can relax and entertain outdoors almost year-round. “Invest in quality pieces with good aesthetics that are comfortable, inviting, and durable,” she says. “They will last a long time and can be moved to different areas of your existing space and to new homes. I have a client that purchased quality exterior furniture 18 years ago, and we have moved it to three different homes!”

To learn more about Brown Jordan, the new MOTO collection, or to find a certified dealer, call 800-734-4254 or visit


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