Things You’ve Always Wanted to Ask Your Waxer

You might head to your waxer, plop your unshaven legs on the table unapologetically, and get back to your iPhone emailing without giving a second thought as to what she thinks of you. You are probably the one. Most of us spend the session worrying 99 percent of the time that we’re too hairy, too weird, too inconsiderate of the poor woman to has to deal with our exposed bodies. (During the other 1 percent, we’re mentally yelling ‘ouch’.) One reader wrote asking if I’d climb in the mind of a waxer for a bit, so while I had Lisa Lazarra, expert hair remover, lead aesthetician, and director of training at The Pretty Kitty waxing salon on the line, I asked for a few more questions pitched in by other friends and readers.

ShopTalk: How can I prepare to make it hurt less?

Lisa Lazarra: First, stop worrying. The number one thing we hear from customers at The Pretty Kitty is, “Wow, that’s it?” Second, avoid caffeine before your waxing appointment. I love those vanilla iced lattes like the next girl, but caffeine increases sensitivity at the follicle level.

Should I apologize that I haven’t shaved my legs?

We are in the hair removal business, so I assure you, your legs will not frighten us! If at the appropriate hair length, it may be a great opportunity for a leg wax.

How many days in an advance of an event (wedding, vacation, etc.) should I wax?

We recommend getting waxed three days before leaving for vacation. Waxed skin is more photosensitive and much more susceptible to burning. For a special event or wedding, coming in 2 -3 days prior is best to allow for any possible inflammation to subside.

How do I prevent any little red bumps post wax?

Our estheticians apply a series of soothing products, including a post-waxing serum, to calm the skin and reduce the likelihood of any skin irritation. Hydrocortisone cream may also be used at the end of the service or at home.

It’s difficult laying butterfly style on the waxing table. You sure you’re not judging me?

(Laughter.) No – no judgements! As estheticians, skincare is our life. We are here for you. And while I will not go into the exact procedure, clients are made comfortable from beginning to end.

Can I drink a bottle of wine before?

If your girls’ lunch gets a little loose, we understand. But honestly, it’s not necessary. At The Pretty Kitty, our Brazilians are done in 10-15 minutes, with the least amount of discomfort. You’ll be fine!

What if you lay some wax down and I decide I can’t go through with it?

May I remind you, the Brazilian is our specialty.


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