Should You Tip Your Makeup Artist? Yes. Yes You Should.

A friend called me during her friend’s wedding day two weeks ago. The bride wanted to know if she should tip the makeup artist. For those of you who know the answer, it may seem obvious, but the truth is, most women don’t know for sure. Even I didn’t have an answer that was so firm I could swear by it. So I turned to LaDonna Stein, veteran makeup doer and face magician behind Through the Looking Glass‘ pin-up girl photo shoots. You might worry she’s a bit partial, as she’s the on the receiving end of this deal, but the fact is, girl knows her stuff. See below.

Any makeup artist will always appreciate a tip, and it is definitely appropriate in most situations.  Especially if you get your makeup done at the mall or a salon, where the makeup artist probably doesn’t make as much money as a freelance makeup artist.  The one situation where it would not be neccesary is if you are a model doing a shoot for a catalogue or something like that.


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