Halloween Spa Party at the Ritz Carlton

A Ritz spa room. Insert self into buttery-soft sheets. Proceed to relax.

Raya and I have written about the Ritz Carlton spa parties several times. (Just type “Ritz Carlton” into our search and they’ll all pop up.) Clearly we like them or we wouldn’t keep telling you about them. And if you haven’t gone to one yet, I can’t for the life of me understand why. Do you like free parties with free champagne? Do you like free hors d’oeuvres? What about free cupcakes, free chair massages, free make-up consultations, goodie bags and discounts? Did you notice the common word there was “free?” If you said no to any of those questions then I will have to admit I just don’t understand you.  Regardless, there is only room at their October 27 party for fifty people so call for your reservation pronto. They’re going to stop taking reservations on October 25 but I wouldn’t wait that long if I were you.


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