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  • heather miller

    i’ve loved reading your recaps during the show’s run — check out my friend’s blog…you two are kindred spirits.

  • The Fake Jake

    Well, she’s back kids, and this time, I wasn’t hurled under the bus… or the plane, as it were.

    Laura, just tell me you will stick around for “More to Love.” It is done by my friends at ABC, those manipulative bastards.

    Fingers crossed. Oh, and I have cash.

  • JJ

    Heather, is your friend single?? Next season I think he and Laura need to live blog the show together. Can you imagine a running dialogue between those two? It would be…the best, most live bloggiest Bachelor EVER.

  • LK

    I definitely think that Kiptyn should have won. He was so cool! Lol I hope him or Reid is the next Bachelor. But yeah, Ed was so stupid, and he couldn’t swim, you’re right!

  • LK

    + those rumors, i don’t know if they’re true or not saying that ed cheated on jillian a week after proposal with his ex, and that he dated her when he left the show! and then he denies it, and they’ll be on wipeout him and jillian lol. wipeout is cool, so that’ll be fun to see.