Hiatus Spa + Retreat Adds Alternative Therapies to the Menu

We love the idea behind Hiatus Spa + Retreat–that facials and massages are part of the prescription for good health. And, as such, they should be affordable. The 2008 D Beauty Award winner recently announced its adding alternative therapies to its lineup, including acupuncture, needleless acupuncture, aesthetic acupuncture, Acugems™ facial rejuvenation, craniosacral therapy, and auricular therapy. Says co-owner Kristin Heaton-Peabody, “These services provide a foundation for those seeking a holistic approach to improved health, reduced stress, and overall balance.” To head up this alternative therapy program is Kari Michel Love Avery, who has a master’s degree in Oriental Medicine from the International Institute of Chinese Medicine in Santa Fe, New Mexico. And, as a special treat, patrons will receive 25% off standard pricing of initial acupuncture and alternative therapies through March 31.


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