“Born to Rock” Detangler Smells Like Easter Candy

So says my husband, anyway. The actual fragrance is watermelon—really sweet watermelon. And I quite like it. It’s like summer’s bounty on your head. Delicious. I tried the spray this morning, and, borrowing the words from the promo piece, I didn’t get tangled up in my rocker lifestyle, which last night entailed walking the dog, watching The Biggest Loser, and hitting the sack by 11:00. I’m sure this crazy life I lead will one day catch up with me, but never, never, I say, will my hair suffer, thanks to TIGI’s Rockaholic products. (Yes, the same ones Kristin mentioned here and here.) I followed up with the Rock Out shine blaster, which smells like blueberry and did a great job of smoothing the crazy section of wavy hair that lives on the back of my head. And I walked out of the bathroom smelling like a fruit salad—in a good way.

Side note: Who else thinks of supreme air guitar rocker Bjorn Turoque when you hear the phrase “born to rock”? You know who you are. (Ahem, JJ & RR.)


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