The Biggest Loser Can Be You

I’m totally sucked into this season of The Biggest Loser, which airs Tuesdays at 7:00 (yes, that’s tonight). It’s inspirational. It’s motivational. It’s intergenerational. It’s so many more -ationals. But I must admit, it makes me jealous a) because the contestants get to live in a fantasy world where their one mission is to exercise and eat right, and 2) because they have Bob and Jillian there to train them. Alas, those two things shall always live in my dreams. But on the brighter side, The Biggest Loser has teamed with Gaiam Inc. to bring the B.L. experience home to you! They’ve come out with a new line of exercise kits (like the Core Advantage Stability Ball Kit, pictured) and fitness accessories that accompany the workouts featured on the show. So, when the show’s over and you’re pumped, you’ve got all you need for a solid workout right at home. Kits are $25 and accessories are $15, available this month at select stores and online at Gaiam. Find them at Target in March.


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