Your Own Personal Stylist (Sort of)

Tired of trying to figure out what to wear each day? Bored with all your clothes? Then look no further than Closet Couture a web site that has come along at the right time. With the tough economy right now, few of us are spending as much as we’d like on new clothes. And the fact that the holidays are quickly approaching doesn’t help either. Most of us would rather buy goodies for our loved ones than ourselves. Well, Closet Couture is here to help! It is not only a web site chock full of fashion news, tips and style advice, it is a way to get help with your own personal wardrobe! Here’s how it works: download photos of your clothes onto the site (or choose from their “closet” of common wardrobe items) and then dress a virtual model to create new outfits with your old pieces. How fun is that? It’s like virtual Barbie with your own clothes – OR with your friend’s clothes. You can view what they’ve downloaded into their closet as well. That’s genius – and oh-so-helpful when you need a handbag or a pair of shoes at the last minute. Don’t let the thought of photographing and downloading your clothes scare you. Just lay each piece on a white sheet and snap away. Adding them to your closet on the site is as simple as dragging and dropping. Once you put an outfit on the model you can ask for feedback from your friends as well as other Closet Couture members, or for $25 you can hire a stylist to help create outfits using the items in your wardrobe. The site also offers a calendar that can keep track of what you wear each day, or you can create future outfits and set them for a specific day, like your anniversary or a charity event. Really helpful though is that you can save outfits in a “packing list” for upcoming vacations. If all of this sounds confusing, go to their web site and watch the tutorial. It will explain everything in detail and answer most of your questions. At first, this all seemed too time-consuming for me but after viewing the tutorial it seems really easy and worth the little effort it would take. The whole thing is free (unless you decide to hire a stylist) and I can definitely see how it could give your old clothes new life. If any of you end up doing it let us know what you think!


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