Isaac Mizrahi Is Coming, Isaac Mizrahi Is Coming!

Uh-oh, Talkers. Our Wednesday-night shopping battle just got more interesting. I just realized that Isaac Mizrahi will be in our neck of the woods tomorrow night signing his new book, How To Have Style. Isaac will be at Legacy Books, that fancy new independent bookstore in the Shops at Legacy, at 7 pm. To get an early spot in line, you can pick up tickets at the store as early as 9 o’clock Wednesday morning. You don’t have to have tickets, but it might keep you from getting stuck at the back of the line sweating over whether or not you’ll make it to the front before Mr. Miz has to dash. I’ve loved Issac ever since he had that show on Oxygen where he was always doing weird stuff with celebrities and sharing screen time with his cute dog Harry. And, of course, his collection for Target was fun, too. So what to do on Wednesday night? Too many choices…


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