Like most of his clients, Benton’s light-filled studio is represented by an agency and available for photo shoots.
(From left to right) Lisa Bull, Mollie O'Neal, Victoria Nugent, Julia Shea Hamilton, John Benton, Emma Fuhrmann, Macie Lowery, Jacinth Biddulph, Lauren Bright, Stephanie Ludwig, Ali Nugent.
Elizabeth Lavin


John Benton Is the ‘Hips Whisperer’ for Dallas Models

In his Design District studio, Benton gets women ready for the runway.

Models, actresses, beauty queens, and those aspiring to be fly from both coasts and as far as Vancouver to work with John Benton, aka the “hips whisperer.” After his first model client, Rachel Thomas, trimmed 3.5 career-making inches off her middle, the trainer gained a rep for helping women swiftly—and healthily—slim to runway proportions. Since then, a community of svelte female figures has thrived in his Design District studio, where he hosts group training sessions throughout the week. Benton’s isolation-toning technique and nutritional secrets have previously been reserved for his exclusive client list. But with the launch of a new website, anyone can now access his expertise—at a price. Workout instructions cost $100 each, and a package that includes a phone consultation with Benton, nutrition plan, and access to all six workouts runs $1,000. Steep, perhaps. Then again, there must be a reason why, just after this shoot, Benton jetted off to the Miss USA pageant to watch eight of his clients compete for the crown (one won).

“After my second baby, I found it harder to lose the weight. I started last summer and I’ve lost 3 inches on my waist and hips. My husband and I co-own Sprezza. I love Italian food, so with John’s method, I’m trying to control carbs during the week. But on the weekends, I have to get my fix.” —Lisa Bull, Kim Dawson model

“I pretty much demand that my girls do it the healthy, sustainable way so they can do this for years and years.” —John Benton, model trainer

“There’s no intimidation here, like, ‘Oh, she’s skinnier than me.’” —Emma Fuhrmann, actress at Kim Dawson in Dallas and Paradigm in L.A.; she is in a much-hyped movie coming out next spring

“Modeling is very cutthroat, and a lot of girls are anxious about their measurements. I think John really nurtures our bodies, but also our souls and minds. It’s not just about losing inches; it’s also growing friendships and really feeling comfortable and safe.” —Jacinth Biddulph, actress turned Kim Dawson model

“Within a month, I lost 2 inches on my hips and waist, and within three months, lost 13 pounds. My legs, I’ve always struggled with, because I have a super-athletic body and I’ve done cheer my whole life. Within two weeks of working out with John, I noticed the slimming.” —Lauren Bright, Kim Dawson model and Miss Dallas Teen 2017

“I was going to SoulCycle three to five times a week, but unfortunately that built muscle tone too quickly. After just a couple of workouts with John you feel like a skinny mini-baby unicorn.” —Ali Nugent, Campbell Agency model