Final Four Favorite Things About Dallas

You winnowed the 64 best things about Dallas down to your four favorites. Now it’s time to pick a winner.

Dallas, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. We winnowed it down to 64. We need your help with the rest.

Every year, D Magazine publishes the Best of Big D issue, devoted to the things we love in Dallas. But we also want to gush over the things we love about Dallas. Why we live here and why we love here. What person, place, or thing is Dallas at its absolute best? What better way to find out than a contest featuring head-to-head matchups of mostly random pairings?

Here’s how it has worked so far: we started with a list of 64 of our favorite things about Dallas and divided them into 32 pairings. After one week of voting by online readers, we had 32 winners. Some of the matchups were obliterations (John Neely Bryan destroyed Jessica Simpson, 66 percent to 34 percent), some much closer (Mia’s Brisket Tacos squeaked by Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse).

But winners were decided. Then you voted again to get those 32 things down to 16 (where the Firepits at Lee Harvey’s barely held on to beat Jimmy’s Food Store).  Then 16 to eight (where Shopping crushed Entrepreneurial Spirit). Finally, we’ve reached our version of Dallas’ Final Four.

Now you must decide the winner. Cast your Final Four vote before August 22. Vote hard and vote often. (You can vote once a day.) Check the October issue of D Magazine for the winner.

We know we love it here, but soon we’ll know why. We’ll finally know the Best Thing in Dallas.