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14 Florence-Inspired Decor Pieces You Can Find in Dallas

Florentinian art forms are having a renaissance, making it easy to capture the spirit of this Italian cultural capital.
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Jocelyn Braxton Armstrong Maquette Sculptures from Blue Print with Mosaic Work, Horizontal Shot
In Detail: The top of this bistro table features mosaic work, a Florentinian staple. Elizabeth Lavin

If you’re looking for interior inspiration, it’s hard to go wrong with Florence, Italy—the literal birthplace of the Renaissance. (Hey, if it was good enough for Michelangelo, it’s good enough for you.) Capture the artful history of this cultural capital by using opulent materials, time-honored techniques, and celebrations of the human form in your decor. Or incorporate sartorial-inspired touches as a nod to the fashion-forward city.   

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Martin Sumers Bronze Sculptures from Blue Print

Martin Sumers Bronze Sculptures, from Blue Print at $400

These studies of the human form call to mind Michaelangelo’s David, on display in Florence’s Galleria dell’Accademia.

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Cinnabar Stone Obelisks from Mecox

Cinnabar Stone Obelisks, from Mecox at $240

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Circa 1820 Marble Chessboard from Nick Brock & Company

Circa-1820 Marble Chessboard, from Nick Brock & Company at $2,600

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Circa 1983 Giotto Stoppino Table from Sputnik Modern

Circa-1983 Giotto Stoppino Table, from Sputnik Modern at $5,800

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Dennis Lean Assorted Fruit from Culp Associates

Dennis & Leen Assorted fruit, to the trade or at Culp Associates

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DOIY Design

DOIY Design “Body” Vase, from Scout Design Studio at $57

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“Libra” Lamp, from Caitlin Wilson at $268

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“Milano” Chair, from Mecox at $2,995

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Pierre Gonalons

Pierre Gonalons “Tutti Frutti” Mirrors, from Grange Hall at $4,500

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Rule of Three Leather Inlaid Cocktail Table from JAMES Showroom

Rule of Three Leather Inlaid Cocktail Table, from JAMES Showroom at $9,500

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Vintage Bistro Table from JAMES Showroom

Vintage Bistro Table, price upon request or find at JAMES Showroom

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Vintage Faux Marble Pedestal from Coco & Dash

Vintage Faux Marble Pedestal, from Coco & Dash at $4,900

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Vintage Rope Coffee Table from Scout Design Studio

Vintage Rope Coffee Table, from Scout Design Studio at $850

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