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Your Bed Might Be Hard, But Mattress Shopping Doesn’t Have to Be

When it comes to your mattress, it’s what’s inside that counts, and we got expert advice on what you should be looking for.
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A Family Goes Mattress Shopping

Your mattress is one of those things you probably don’t spend much time thinking about. But maybe you should. After all, if you’re clocking the recommended eight hours of Zzz’s per night, a third of your life is spent atop it. Mary Pat Wallace—founder of The Luxury Bed Collection, whose Design District showroom carries top brands like Hästens and Vispring—shares how to know when a mattress needs replacing and how to make yours last.

Signs of the Time

How do you know you’re due for a new mattress? “If the mattress is starting to conform too closely to your body, sagging, or creaking, take note,” says Wallace, who adds other physical signs to look out for: “lower back pain, bodily aches, overheating, tossing and turning during the night, or allergy-like symptoms due to dust build-up.”

Material World

What goes into your mattress determines how long it’ll last. Says Wallace: “All-natural materials are key, including things like silk, wool, and even horsetail hair,” the latter of which absorbs moisture thanks to its hollow structure.

The Comfort Quotient

When shopping, Wallace says it’s important to know the difference between support—which speaks to the density and layering of materials—and firmness, which refers to the compression rate of the springs. “A balance between the density of the material and the way that it is distributed throughout the mattress is integral to creating proper support,” says Wallace. “A correct firmness allows all parts of the body to be naturally supported, eliminating uncomfortable pressure points.” 

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