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Get to Know Breathe Co-Founder Jenn Moulaison

Moulaison, who opened Breathe Meditation and Wellness Studio in February 2020, shares her favorite things.
By Cassidy Ellison |
Elizabeth Lavin

Jenn Moulaison thought changing a location could change a person. For 15 years, the born-and-bred New Yorker had lived a fast-paced luxury-retail lifestyle. In 2011, when she left Chanel corporate for a position at the now-defunct Forty Five Ten, she believed the move to Dallas was a chance to slow down. However, Moulaison says, “I was the same very hardworking, productive, anxious person.” It wasn’t until a friend invited her to a meditation class that she was able to change her life; she’s been meditating twice a day ever since. When Moulaison was laid off from Forty Five Ten, she concepted Breathe Meditation and Wellness Studio with Chelsea Charbeneau, the instructor who was pivotal in her personal transformation. Breathe opened in Dallas in February 2020, offering a range of wellness services from group and private guided and sound meditation to crystal bed therapy, Halo therapy, reiki, and more. Moulaison is passionate about the impact their services have on their clients’ lives. “I know what it’s like to be anxious and stressed,” she says. “The glass is always half-full with me [now], and it used to always be half empty.”

Favorite local restaurant: Beverley’s. Greg Katz is the best. His passion and love for food, community, and hospitality shines.

Favorite local place to get inspiration: I now go “inward” to find inspiration versus having to go “out” to an external place to find it.

Favorite weekend activity: Going to Village Baking Co. for a coffee and blueberry scone 

Favorite local charity to support: A foster-based animal-rescue organization called DFW Rescue Me. I love dogs—all animals, really—and we have adopted a few from this organization.  

Five favorite things in your home and studio: At home, our five dogs: Sammy, Sophie, Pippy, Phoebe, and Teddy. They give endless, unconditional love and are hysterical to live with. A sixth would be my husband, Eric. He is truly my better half. 

At Breathe, Gonzalo Bueno and his amazing team created a space that looks as good as we aim to make people feel. So my five favorite things are the five distinct rooms they created for us.

Biggest home splurge: Our built-in Miele coffee machine. Not the biggest splurge in value, but the biggest splurge as in, “Do we really need this level of coffee maker?” The answer is YESSSSS—and you do, too!


Get to Know Breathe Co-Founder Jenn Moulaison

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Best way to instantly change the feel of a room: Smudging with sage or palo santo—it immediately shifts or clears energy in any space. Also, changing the lighting—at Breathe, we have warm and cool indirect dimmable lighting. It changes the feel immediately. And laughter. Funny goes a long way with me.

Favorite book: The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by Nobel Peace Prize laureates Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Favorite way to start the day: Quick breathing exercise or mini meditation before getting out of bed 

Go-to way to stay centered: Making sure to feel your feet on the ground throughout the day. Our brains cannot think and feel at the same time, so the minute you feel your feet on the ground, it centers you.  

Favorite wellness products: CBD products by The Trusted Lab, aromatherapy inhalers by Madison + Green, meditation cushions by Samaya, and 11 11 Body Oil by Lake & Skye

Favorite fitness classes: Class Studios and One Lagree classes. Their classes are great, and their spaces have amazing energy. 

Go-to healthy meals: For food, True Food Kitchen or Flower Child. For juice, The Juice Bar. For shakes or smoothies:  JuiceLand    

Best wellness hack: It is as simple as learning how to properly breathe. It will change your life.

You’re hosting a dinner party. What are you serving? I make the best “sawwce and bawls” (AKA red sauce and meatballs) from scratch. I am a born-and-raised New York Italian. Need I say more?

Favorite travel destination: Argentina 

Guilty pleasure: Reality TV 

Best advice you’ve ever received: “The truth lies somewhere in the middle” and “You cannot argue with someone’s feelings”—both from my soul friend, Brian Bolke. 

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