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Microdoses of Botox May Offer Hope for Hair Loss

Dr. Sam Lam says that by combining Eastern and Western medicines, he’s built a better cure for hair loss.
Dr. Sam Lam says the best cure for hair loss is prevention. iStock

Double-board certified plastic surgeon Sam Lam offers every hair restoration option on the market, and even one that isn’t. “My forte is androgenetic balding,” he says. “I design for maximal impact. Almost no one does what I do.”

Lam owns and operates the Willow Bend Wellness Center, a 45,000-square-foot all-inclusive boutique aesthetics center. His operating room only serves one patient a day. There he can perform full hair transplants to any part of the body, scalp micropigmentation, and a needle-free alternative to plasma reinjection that utilizes a $25,000 machine to transdermally stimulate follicles by way of plant-based derivatives. (You’ll have to ask him what that means.)

Lam’s most exciting work involves his newest, patent-pending technology: a fusion of modern medicine and traditional Chinese techniques that he believes has a limitless scope of applications. The method, at its simplest level, involves microdoses of Botox in meridian channels, which, according to traditional Chinese medicine, are powerful pathways through the body. The needling procedure takes two minutes, and Lam says observable results appear within days. So far, he’s used the technique to treat androgenetic alopecia (permanent hair loss caused by genes), trichotillomania (the urge to pull out body hair), and even generalized anxiety disorders. “The application of this technique is limitless,” he says.

For patients experiencing the early stages of hair loss, from severe shedding to general thinning, Lam has produced his own hair-care line, Folliflo. The three-step system includes a shampoo, conditioner, and daily leave-in spray. Because prevention is the best cure.

This story originally appeared in the March issue of D Magazine with the headline “Bald Facts.” Write to [email protected].


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