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Real Estate Executive Preston Evans on His Classic Style With a Modern Twist

The retail and restaurant developer has an unwavering devotion to Ralph Lauren and you'd be hard-pressed to find him out and about without a MALIN+GOETZ mojito lip balm.
Preston T. Evans
Luis Martinez

What I Do: “I manage John T. Evans Co., a boutique commercial real estate firm built by my late father, John Evans [who passed away in August 2019]. Working together over the past 12 years, we transitioned predominantly into retail and restaurant development and asset management. Our most recent project was the creation of Ten50 BBQ. It was probably our most challenging venture, but without a doubt, the most memorable experience we shared.”

Style Icons: “I’ve always admired Paul Newman; his style was preppy and traditional, but never pretentious. He had a carefree energy and never tried too hard. A modern-day style icon is Johannes Huebl. For him, as with Mr. Newman, classic choices always prevail over trends.” 

On the Job: “Formal sport coats and slacks are no longer a requirement; in fact, it can be off-putting to clients if you show up better dressed than they are. I never know exactly who I’m dressing for, so my wardrobe reflects that.”

Style Defined: “Anyone who knows me is aware of my unwavering devotion to Ralph Lauren. Although I can always go for a head-to-toe RL look, I try to keep it a bit more casual on a daily basis. My style goal is to dress like a Parisian: crisp white shirts, navy jacket, and neutral pant—well-tailored but never tight.”

Fashion Essentials: “I never leave home without the right pair of sunglasses, a Moleskine notebook, and MALIN+GOETZ mojito lip balm.”

Favorite Store: “I have to give it to the staff at Ralph Lauren Highland Park Village; they make it feel like home. They also make a great cocktail. I’ve definitely overstayed my welcome.”   

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