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DMN Endorses Sandra Crenshaw, Who Court Docs Say Is ‘Mentally Ill,’ Ctd.

This is a strange situation indeed. The voters of District 110 deserve some answers.
By Tim Rogers |

As I said in my earlier post today, I called Sandra Crenshaw to ask her about the Morning News endorsement for House District 110 and the court documents that say she is “mentally ill.” Far as I know, the cell number I have for her is current. But I haven’t talked to Crenshaw in years. So it is certainly possible that she has changed her number. In any case, she sent an email to several media types and elected officials at 4:30 today saying that she had not been contacted. She offered the following very personal note in which she says she does suffer from mental illness but is not “mentally incompetent”:

For the record, I have not been declared mentally incompetent to serve in office nor have I been convicted of a felony. i meet the residency requirements and therefore I am eligible to seek office. There is a joke among genealogists that the easiest way to get research for your family tree is to run for office. I believe and know now that the greatest way to bring exposure of the plight and discrimination against the mentally ill is for the mentally ill to run for office.

The Dallas Morning News speaks of my courage to speak out against elected officials for their corrupt ways but DMN failed to mention my advocacy for the mentally ill. I believe that the best person to advocate for our most vulnerable citizen is a person who suffers from mental illness and this midterm election will be my coming out party.

Our Dallas Democratic county, legislative and congressional delegation are fully aware of me and my family’s mental illness but addressing mental illness is not their priority. Although, Toni Rose reports that she is a mental health profession, she refuses to describe her skills or training in mental health and she spent more time with Corrections than mental health or addressing the causes of our problems. While Rose may plan to disseminate this article or my public mug shot, I have a security video of her walking into my business partner’s office and bullying her because we are standing up to her father, former Justice of the Peace Charles Rose and other southern sector leaders against their corruption.

Ms. Rose didn’t help the mentally ill like she campaigned. She serves on the North Texas Council of Governments and has contributed nothing to our causes. She serves on the Dallas Can Development Board to raise funds for a charter school for last chance students while she conspired with DISD to take Dallas elementary school children out of their neighborhood elementary school building and sent them across I-20 South and pack them into the Wilmer Hutchins elementary schools with a 21 to1 student –teacher ratio. Rose then advocates that Dallas Can bring in 360 young adults into the neighborhood school building instead of letting the babies stay in their neighborhood school.. When the neighborhood complained , Rose redistricted the neighborhood precinct chair out of District 110 and relocated them to a DeSoto based district. We’re not waiting for her to get twenty years to abuse us and cripple our children any further. We cannot create any more monsters like John Wiley Price who removes Democratic precinct Chairs from their election Judge appointments if they publically endorse candidates that he opposes.

I have worked closely with Disability Texas, Texas Department of Mental Health, APS.CPS, and advocacy groups across the nation. I work with Representative Garnett Coleman from Houston. who is highly recognized among the State mental health advocates.

It was through my family tree research, that I discovered that mental illness runs on my maternal side of my family and that I have a different father from my four siblings who are or have been functional alcoholic and drug addicts. We were raised by a physically, mentally and verbally abusive mother and my siblings have been accused by the state of abusing their children. This discovery was devastating. My maternal grandfather died in a mental institution in South Texas. My mother died in 2009 of cirrhosis of liver after drinking to self medicate.

In 2008, after the horrible public humiliation that my family and I suffered from the coverage from this publication and your posters about the Texas Two Step, my nieces and nephews were teased and harassed, not by their friends but by the adult staff at Singing Hills Recreation Center. The City took action against the staff but I realized then extent of the toil that my activism had taken on my family who predisposed to mental illness. They did not choose to have their lives disrupted by my public life. As I began to see manifestations of personality disorders from their life experiences, I found myself at my most vulnerable moments. I could not protest their plight away. I couldn’t litigate it, I could not get petitions to help them. I voluntarily submitted myself for help in order to help them and fight against the bullies who take advantage of the poor. Generations will continue to suffer if politicians and the media do not stop stigmtizing mental illness. No one will get help if they have to humilated as I have here by the DA and the Frontburner.

When the City issued a warrant for my arrest at a client’s home in Mesquite, harassed my ill sister, and coerced my challenged nephew to say things that he did not say, engaged civil staff at the Public library in criminal matters ,staged a media event for 45 minutes while my blood pressure went into stroke status, disrupted emergency services at Baylor hospital, I decided to fight back.

You are correct that you heard nothing about the disposal of this case, although the arrest was highly publicized. That is why I choose this election as a public forum. After the police offered to dismiss the case, I choose instead to ask for my day in court. But the course that the DA choose to pursue was done without my knowledge. I learned of the indictment from the media. I am learning today in the media about the DA’s reason for the dismissal. I did not assert mental illness as a defense especially since I presented the grand jury with bank statements as evidence that Budget had deducted payments for the reservation extensions from my bank. My public defender private attorney was made knowledgeable of my opposition to the DA’s plea bargain and mental illness jail diversion. My defense attorney agreed to this dismissal without my consent and I am very disappointed by this revelation. This defense attorney , a former candidate for Democratic Judge can submit his defense to the State Bar. tommorrow. I wanted to go to court to see how the DA could convict me of Theft 31.04. and how a rental car company can use the state for repos. I still do not know what all the DA did but —–the public is gonna ask in November.

I promise you a much bigger story than Bridge Gate about how my legal and judicial adversaries abuse legal and government processes against political dissidents.

I am saving my defense and claims against the Dallas County Democrats: including but not limited to the DA Civil and Criminal offices, Dallas County County and District Clerks, Dallas County Probate Courts, the Dallas County Jail Diversion, Family Violence Justice of the Peace Jones and former JP Luis Sepulveda, until the Fall Elections in a national forum, not as a state representative-elect but as a competent, intelligent, articulate, God fearing and courageous person who suffers from an illness that can be overcome.

As for the Frontburner, that statue of limitations for slander and libel statements that your posters have made get renewed with this new publication. The mean and nasty statements are evidence of the attitudes towards the mentally ill. Wendy Davis, who heads the Democratic ticket for Governor filibustered for a cause that does not help the plight of the minorities who loyally vote for Democrats. Wendy Davis talks about her life CHOICES, Sandra Crenshaw wants to talk about overcoming the stigmas of mental illness that I inherited and not of my CHOOSING.

To the Dallas Morning News: Since you have not noticed cognitive behavioral therapy has helped me to slow down but my focus is never more clear. I just need my friends to stand by me. Help! Send Money– $25.00 a bill board or a book of stamps. 2018 Lanark Dallas, Texas 75241.


Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers

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