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Leading Off (4/1/14)

Today is Tuesday. Have a blessed day.

Conan O'Brien

Dirk Nowitzky Is the Best Thing About Day 1 of Conan O’Brien. I might be saying this because Dirk and I have a special relationship. But I don’t think so. Anyway, the video of his appearance ain’t extant yet, y’all. Satisfy your eyes with Conan’s monloque from last night, which featured Conan wearing Big Tex’s boots.

Huge New Building in Victory Park To Be Huge, in Victory Park. Not sure what I think about the conceptal model of this new 470,00-square-foot building in Victory Park. Mark Lamster knows what I think, though.

Study Finds Elevated Rate of Cancer in Flower Mound. This is the most confusing story ever. It refers to a UTA professor as being the author of the study, which was published in the Virginia Environmental Law Journal, whatever that is. The professor is quotings says “We really don’t have enough information to dismiss people’s concerns,” which doesn’t seem like the same thing as say, “We have information that should concern people.” And it appears — again, if I’m following the story — that the UTA professor’s study is based on “reanalysis” of data conducted by a woman who used to be a former research professor from the University of Montana. Montana? Used to be? And then there’s this caveat in the story about the UTA professor: she “has a law degree and is not a scientist or statistician.” Kickass.