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D Magazine Wins Three Folio Awards

But we got screwed in the podcast category.
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Once again, if you haven’t been following along at home, Folio: is a trade magazine about magazines. Every year Folio: hands out awards for the best editorial (Eddie Awards) and design (Ozzie Awards) work done across the country, both digital and in print. Yesterday, in the “city and regional” category, we won three.

We won an Ozzie for best use of digital photography for our May cover, about the Tobolowsky murder. The image was created by C.J. Burton, and the cover was designed by our own Kevin Goodbar, who also came up with the concept.

We won an Eddie for best series of articles. They were written by our own Matt Goodman about the Duntsch trial. You can find his reports and the cover story he wrote here.

And, finally, we won an Eddie for best news coverage, for a series of reports on Dallas City Council meetings written by Barrett Brown. You can find those here. In typical Barrett fashion, he was not humbled by the win. One of the publications he beat was something produced by the New York City Police Department. Here’s what he wrote on Facebook yesterday:

Ten years ago, upon moving to Brooklyn, I was grabbed off the street along with a couple of Puerto Ricans I was hanging out with, thrown up against a wall, called a “liar” for claiming I wasn’t buying drugs from them, searched, and then released with a warning that they were going to rob me. That was my first, though by no means last, experience with the NYPD. Today I was up against the New York Police Department’s NYPD News for “Best Local and Regional Coverage” award from Folio. I just beat them. Fuck you, pigs, and fuck your little pretend newspaper. Also, the drugs were in my sock.

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