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Four Luxe University Park Homes to Lease with Friends This School Year

A far cry from SMU dorm living.

Once you reach junior year at SMU, you’re free to move out of dorms and into your first apartment. But don’t settle for a dreary one-bedroom. Split the monthly rent in these fabulous University Park homes with a big group of friends and live large for a low cost.


2921 Dyer Street



Price: $8,500 a month

Numbers: 4 bed | 5 bath | 5,054 square feet

Details: You could easily fit more than one bed into the spacious, bright rooms of this University Park stunner. The curb appeal of this light stone home is matched by its glam interior, which opens with a foyer, a winding staircase, and the ceiling’s deep wood beams. The truly mammoth master bath has counter space that would make any sorority house resident jealous, as well as a garden tub and walk-in closet with rows and rows of shelves for shoes.. The most covetable area is the kitchen, which features light marble countertops, a wine rack, and a stove fit for a master chef.


3525 Westminster Avenue


Price: $3,500 a month

Numbers: 3 bed | 2 bath | 1,700 square feet

Details: If you’re always on the go, this Spanish-style home is calling your name. It’s walking distance from SMU and Snider Plaza, and should you want to enjoy a public park, pool, tennis courts, or creek, just step outside—they’re directly behind the backyard. Homebodies will appreciate the coziness of this house’s living spaces, as well as perks that include a balcony and laundry area.


3638 Asbury Street


Price: $7,300

Numbers: 4 bed | 4 bath | 3,619 square feet

Details: Don’t rent this townhome just to throw house parties; it’s dignified enough for a fancy brunch or cocktail soirée. Dark wood floors, light walls, and white marble complement the modern home’s sleek exterior. Inside, details like a wet bar, roomy kitchen, and bedrooms big enough for two make this home well worth the monthly price tag.


2937 Rosedale Avenue

rosedale 2


Price: $9,900

Numbers: 4 Bed | 5.1 Bath | 5,001 Square Feet

Details: Before you balk at this home’s monthly rent, take a peek inside. The bedrooms are so large that you could house at least a dozen people in this Rosedale abode. (The master closet alone is likely twice the size of your freshman dorm room.) With top-notch features like in-room fireplaces, multiple living and dining areas, a formal office, and a kitchen fit for Martha Stewart, this home’s loveliness could sooth even the most trying of study sessions.


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